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Zee World Movie: Love Oh Love – Season 1 Episode 8


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At Raj’s home, Raj and his friend are cutting onions and tears are coming down their eyes, his sister comes and asks why are they crying and sees that they are cutting the onions and then she understands and tells them that they are working for her husband as his helper is not present, Raj tells his sister to help out but she tells him that she got such a good brother and his friend and they are working so why should she help and she goes laughing, Raj’s friend asks him what type of work is this as it’s so boring and they should go in the mall, Raj refuses and tells him that he will complete the work as it is his brother in-law’s work and then go, till then jiju comes down angrily talking on the phone that he will not leave this man as it is his deal and he is in this catering business since many years and he can’t allow anyone else to snatch his deal, he keeps the phone down and tells raj to have rest and he will see that man, his wife tells him to calm down but he is very angry, Raj also offer to come with his friend, Jiju decline him and leaves. Raj tells his sister not to take tension and he will go, Raj and his friend then go.

Avni’s father and Bhavna are in the room getting ready while Bhavna is making her husband ready. Bhavna’s husband asks her where Abhaas is as he has still not come and he does not have time for anything at home and is always busy in doing development for the government and he does not look at his family first and has still not come. Bhavna asks him why does he get sad for such things and suddenly a phone call comes in, Bhavna takes the call, and it is Abhaas. He tells her he can’t come for the meeting ceremony of the family as it will take some time. She keeps the phone down, Bhavna’s husband tells that she does not need to say anything as he knows that Abhaas will not come and he leaves. Bhavna keeps looking at him and she also leaves.

In Avni’s room, she is excited to meet her new sister in-law and is getting ready, Bhavna comes and Avni asks her that which necklace should she wear, Bhavna tells her to wear any as everything suits her. Avni smile’s and Bhavna tells her that she should get ready fast and should look good, Avni smiles and they get ready.

Downstairs, Buaji comes and Buah asks him did he get ready, he says yes and asks her if she says yes and then she looks here and there, Buaji says it must be that she knows the whole Jaipur but he knows her and asks her what does she want? She tells that she just wants this and that whichever question he will ask must be very tough as it was asked to Bhavna and it should be tough and for that she has decided some questions and tells him that they can discuss in the lawn and she goes there with Buaji, Akshat listen’s to all this and he gets tensed.


At Arpitas home, Arpita has got ready but she is tensed for today’s meet. Arpita’s mother comes and she gives her Prasad and tells her that she first went to Krishna temple and to Radha temple and also to another temple. Arpita exclaims so much in one day? Arpita’s mother tells her yes and only for her as she wants her marriage should happen only with Akshat as he is a good boy, they both smile. Arpita asks her mother where her father is in which her mother replied that today also her father has gone to office to sit on that jeweler chair, from behind Arpita’s father says yes and tells her that he had gone because he wanted to bring her a present, he gives Arpita a jewellery box and she opens it and sees that it is a beautiful diamond necklace and she thanks her father and hugs him. Her father tells her that he brought this for his beautiful daughter and only wants everything good for her in her life and they all smile.

On the other hand, Buah who has discussed with Buaji the questions to ask has been overheard by Akshat hiding behind and Buah then tells Buaji that she is not going to see the talent in Arpita but is going to see the qualities in her which are absent. Behind Akshat says to himself that how will she do this if he will tell all the answers to Arpita and also the questions. Akshat goes and calls Arpita and tells her that he will tell her the questions which she is going to be asked. Arpita refuses and says that she can’t cheat in this and she wants to win the relationship by her wittiness and her hardwork and if she impresses everyone. Akshat says okay.

At the hotel where everyone meet. Manish uncle meets Akshat’s father and Buaji and then he goes to Jamaisa and says that he hopes they must have forgotten the old fights. Jamaisa smiles and hugs him. Arpita takes everyone’s blessings and Akshat also takes her parents’s blessings. Manish tells everyone to sit down but Buaji tells that before any should work they always start it with the idol of lord Krishna and Buaji tells Jamaisa to gift it to Manish. Jamaisa gifts the idol of lord Krishna to Manish and they all pray and sit down. Avni call Arpita sister in-law and praise her that she look very beautiful, she thanks her. After sitting, the manager comes and asks if he can put the starters, Manish tells everyone that today the menu has been decided by Arpita herself, Buah asks her what is the menu, the manager says it’s Italian, Buah gets happy but to make Arpita fall down she says that no one eats Italian here and anyways she did a mistake ordering Italian and no one likes it, Arpita smiles and says that she knows and that’s why she ordered something else too, that is low sugar food for Buaji and less oil and fat food for Avni, Akshat’s father and Bhavna. Everyone smile and Bhavna and Buaji get impressed. Arpita tells Buah that she ordered Italian for her and if she does not want then she will order something else, Buah says no and keeps quiet. Bhavna then asks her that after marriage will she be able to do the household work, Arpita says that she will do the household work as for a woman time is nothing for them but they have the ability to work the whole day and even for their husbands who work In offices, they look at the watch and do their work but for a woman the time is usual for her and without looking at the watch one woman can tell what time it is as she works the whole day. Buaji gets impressed by her answer and Bhavna and Avni’s father also and avni are impress. Buah is feeling a little uncomfortable as she does not want Arpita to be the wife of Akshat. On the other side in the hotel, Raj’s jiju’s client has come and is asking jiju that they will do the deal but they will also take commission as they are spreading it to others too. Jiju gets angry and asks why will he give commission as he has done his whole business with his hardwork and he gets angry. Raj comes and tells him to calm down and he tells both to sit down and talk calmly and they can solve the matter without fights too.

Meanwhile on the table, Buaji gets up suddenly and everyone get up but he tells them to sit down and he goes near a vase and takes 2 pebbles, he hide both in one hand and asks Arpita to choose between black and white stones ( pebbles ). He tells everyone that if Arpita chooses white stone she will get married and if she chooses the black one she won’t. Buah thinks that they had not discussed this question. Buaji calls Arpita and Arpita is scared and she looks at Akshat and goes to Baji, Buaji calls her near him and he takes both the black pebbles in his hand and puts it in both his hand. Arpita sees Buaji offering her both black stones in place of one white but does not say anything and thinks in her mind that Buaji took both the black pebbles and not any white but she says to herself that she should not oppose Buaji as he is elder to her and he will be insulted in front of everyone. She still chooses one stone among the black ones and everyone tell her to show which she chose, she shows the black and everyone is sad but Buah is happy and is impressed by her as she didn’t let anyone know about his trick by choosing a stone, even after knowing that he offered her same colored stones. Avni tells that now will this relation not happen, Buaji tells that instead it will happen because he chose Arpita not for her beauty but for her inner behavior and her respect to elders. He tells them that he had taken both the black pebbles and in such a way that Arpita could see them but she did not oppose and she respected him and the one who respects him will be the daughter in-law of his house and then fixes Arpita’s marriage with his grandson. Everyone are happy and they get up and Arpita takes Buaji’s blessings and everyone hug each other.

On the other side, the client who has come with 2 men and tells his ( Jiju ) brother in-law that he wants commision on the deal and jiju gets angry and asks why will he give as he is Arora and he has always done his business obediently and never followed the wrong way and then that man tells that in the deal he has to give commission. Raj smiles and asks why will jiju give commission as he does his business only on good quality food and not on corruption. The man tells jiju that he is such a man and is rich and he earns money only on sitting at the house and what is the problem for him to give money as anyways he is eating his father in-laws money and is also a house brother in-law (ghar jamai) and what is the problem for him to give money. Raj gets angry and slaps that man and tells him that he can’t withstand the insult of his jiju as his jiju is more than a father to him and he works hard to earn money, the other 2 men with him start fighting and Raj, his brother in-law and Raj’s friend start fighting with the 3 men. Avni is talking with Devika and tells that her sister in-law is so beautiful and intelligent and she should have been there, then she keeps the phone down and says she will talk later. Meanwhile at the table, Buaji asks the manager what sounds are these in which the manager says that some people are fighting there, Akshat tells that even Avni has gone in that direction and he will go and bring her. Akshat goes towards Avni and tells her to come and lets go, Avni says yes, they are going when Avni sees that it is Raj, she looks at him and Raj who is going to give another punch stops as he looks at Avni.

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