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Zee World Movie: Love Oh Love – Season 1 Episode 11


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Avni and Devika are out, devika tells that why did they come out as Vivaan’s concert has still not started, Avni tells that she does not want to wait anymore and to let them go home. Further, Devika tells Avni that at least she will take Vivaan’s autograph. Avni says okay, Akshat and Arpita come at other side and Arpita spots Avni and tells Akshat, they both go and hide as Avni looks over there.

Avni asks Devika how will she take the autograph, Devika tells that she has an idea and she takes Avni upstairs where all the rockstars have their green room’s, Devika tells her to lets them enter Vivaan’s green room, they ask a watchman there but he does not allow them, then the watchman is called by a security supervisor and Devika tells Avni to wait there and she will look for Vivaan’s green room.

Avni waits and Devika goes but Avni gets bored so she goes alone and finds Vivaan’s room and enters it, she searches for Devika but she is nowhere to be seen. Outside the watchman comes back with supervisor and he notices that both Avni and Devika are not where they were, he tells the supervisor and the supervisor tells the watchman to find both of them and if they are found any green room then they will be arrested for this, Avni listens to this and she gets scared, she says to herself inside the green room that how will she go home and if her mother and father get to know then what will happen? The watchman there is checking all the green rooms and he finally come to Vivaan’s room, he enters and sees but there is no one there, but he finds the window open so he closes it. Avni is standing outside the window on small area near the water pipe. Down there Devika comes running and then stops. She says to herself that good that she was saved or would have been caught by that watchman, Devika then says to herself that where is Avni is and tries to call her and while she is trying she says where Avni is. She just looks up and sees that avni is there outside the window on the small space, she gets scared and says that what will she do now and she goes running inside the building. In the building, Raj comes walking out and he says to himself that he wants to know that girl’s name and he is never able to meet her properly. Devika comes running and tells a watchman standing there in scared words that her friend has stuck there and is scared very much of heights and begs him to save her, the watchman does not understand, she tells him that Avni is there in that green room outside the window and is very scared, Raj hears this and says that she is that girl’s friend and he listens that Avni is stuck out so he goes running up in the green room and he goes near the window and opens it, he looks outside and Avni is standing there saying god to please save her, Avni has closed her eyes, he climbs up and goes outside there carefully, and stands beside Avni, Raj’s friend come with three of his men and are looking for Raj but is not able to so he calls Raj and then just looks up and finds Raj there. He shouts loudly at Raj and calls him, he question him what is he doing there and he gets scared and he goes running up with those men and the watchman. Up there Raj tells Avni to loose her hand from the pipe and give her hand in his hand, Avni’s eyes are closed and she tells him that she can’t as she will fall and today she will die, Raj tells her to pleases not to says that she will die and he tells her to give her hand, she refuses as she will fall, Raj tells begs her to give him her hand and she will not fall unless and until he is there, Avni says no as she will fall, Raj says please many times and at last she gives her hand, he catches her hand and tells her to give another hand but she says she will fall down, he tells no and that she will not fall down, she then gives her another hand and he catches her and then he brings her around, she hugs him tightly, then Raj tells her that he will go ahead of her and let her come back so he goes a little to the left side and brings her back but her leg slips and she get a little back but he catches her and Avni closes her eyes tightly and tells him not to leave the hand as she will die, Raj tells that he will never leave her hand and he will always be with her and then he takes Avni in front of her and he stands In front of her, then he goes with her aside and he puts her inside the window and she gets safely in the room.

All the watchmen and the supervisor and Raj’s friend and jiju and Devika come up, Avni then opens her eyes, Devika comes and sooths her, she asks her if she is feeling good and all the people come and sooth Avni and make her feel good, the supervisor comes and sooths her and then Devika says it was her mistake and that because of her only Avni came in the green room as she wanted Vivaan’s autograph, the supervisor shouts at Devika and asks her why did she do this and this is not allowed, Devika apologize, Avni is still scared, there everyone also bring Raj inside, jiju and his friend and Raj’s sister shout at him why was he there and Raj tells them that he was saving that girl, then his friend brings him water, Raj says that again he did not get her name, Avni tells Devika that she wants to thank that person and while talking they come downstairs, Raj is upstairs, Devika asks why didn’t she thanks him before, Avni tells her that she does not know who it was as her eyes were closed, then they both come down, Avni tells her to lets wait as she has to say thanks. Devika asks for forgiveness from her and Avni forgives her, then Devika tells her to let them thanks him but sees that she have Buah’s 6 missed call Avni says okay and tells lets go.

Outside Buah is standing and says to herself how much late has Avni done and has still not come, Buah then says that they did not do this when they were young, then suddenly when Akshat and Arpita are going together, Buah spots Arpita but not Akshat, she thinks that what is this girl doing with another boy and she sees that they both catch the hands, Buah then gets shocked and says that this Arpita was showing all her sanskari talents and here she is with someone else, Buah says that this must be told to everyone.

Buah standing and looking at arpita going with that man. She then tries to take some proof to show to Bhavna, she takes her mobile to take a picture and she opens the camera but Avni’s call comes and Buah gets angry and cuts the phone , she goes to take a picture when Arpita goes away in the car with Akshat. Buah gets sad, Avni and Buah and Devika then go in the car. Raj, jiju and his friend along with Raj’s sister are in the car, Raj’s sister asks Raj why did he need to do this? She tells him that there were guards and if he would have fallen then? Raj says he had to help her or else he would have got alone the whole life and would have lost her and would have lost his love. His sister and jiju asks, love? Raj remembers all his meeting with Avni and he remembers that how she looks beautiful, he then says that yes he loves her and he says he loves her and says it continuously and there jiju and his sister get happy and pat him. Raj comes out of the car and goes and says loudly that yes he loves her and that he is in love and he says loudly that he is in love, jiju and his sister go and hug him, his sister tells him that good as he is finally in love, jiju and his friend ask that what is her name, Raj tells them that he does not know as he did not ask her. Jiju asks how can he love without name, he tells him what does it matter, he will ask her name, then jiju says balle-balle and dances, behind that road, Avni goes from her car and Raj spots her, he goes running after her and says she is there and is going to run behind that car but when his friend stops him, he tells to lets him go from the car and they go in car,

In Avni’s car, Buah is thinking when will she tell Bhavna about Arpita and what will she feel, Avni is thinking when will she tell her mother about her concert thing then she will feel so bad, behind is Raj’s car and he tells his friend that today if he gets her name then his treat is sure, his friend gets happy and tells him that he will now surely find the name for him, they drive the car faster but when Raj sees a car coming in front from the left side, he stops the car with a sudden brake and he dashes the car a little, both cars bonnet break, Raj and his friend get down from their car and they go to the other car and knock the window and ask that if they are okay, the boy driving gets down from the car and rudely opens the car door, Raj and his friend are pushed behind, it is a new character name Abhay, he comes out and asks Raj how could he dash his car and he tries to punch him when Raj stops his hand and he tells him that he does not need to get so angry as even he was driving fast and it was their both’s mistake, Abhay tells him that he will not leave him and that boy’s friends behind come to hit him when, but Raj stops him and tells him that he is in a hurry and wants to meet someone. He tells him that he must also be in a hurry and begs him to lets them stop fighting and tells him that now he has to go, Raj and friend sit and go but Abhay angrily looks at him.

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