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The Unexpected Love [Completed] – Season 2 Episode 24


The Unexpected Love [Completed] - Season 2 Episode 1

Seeing the attractive b—-t, Chester was
moved to reciprocate on the passionate kiss.
He gently flung her hair backward and carried
her to the bed in a way he was on top. He
finally grabbed the b—-t which made her let
a out a scream. Maria had already undressed
his clothes and also unbuttoned his belt.
While Chester undressed her too leaving only
her [email protected] He could clearly see her
attractive b—-t and body even fairy hair
down her abdomen. He finally undress the
pant and found his way into her v—-a which
made Maria held him tightly with her eyes


Wisdom sat on his reading chair with a table
before him. He couldn’t concentrate because he thought that Tochi was actually dating another guy.

Then he stood up walking
towards the wall and hit his hands
continuously on it like a boxer. “Tochi why
would you do this to me?”
 he murmured.

He suddenly turned to his ringing phone and
picked it instantly.

 Jennifer called on the phone.

Wisdom was able to recognize her voice

 he also called.

“How do you know it was me?”

“Because i have known you for years” they giggled and became quiet.

“How’s Tochi?”
 Jennifer broke the silence.

“Uh.. She’s… Tochi.. She’s fine. Yes, she’s fine” Wisdom replied.

“But you sound as if something is wrong”

“No, nothing is wrong” they became quiet again.

“I miss you” Jennifer said.

“I miss you too, i want you to concentrate on
your studies, okay?”

“Okay, bye”

“Bye” the line went dead and Wisdom
exhaled deeply.

Back to Australia, Chester la!d side by side
with Maria covered with a white bedshit and
staring at the ceiling in regret. While Maria
rubbed her hand romantically on his chest
with smiles on her face. “I never knew you are so hot” she said but Chester kept quiet.

“Who was that girl you brought into your
house in Nigeria? What’s her name again?
 she added.

“Is none of your business”
 Chester stood up and began to dress up.

“Bear it in mind that
what happened now is a mistake because we
are not betrothed to each other neither are
we dating”
 he added.

“And what does that mean?!”
“You know what it means”
“You must be joking! What do you you take
me for?! A prostitute?!”
 Maria shouted from the bed but Chester kept quiet.

Melody was schooling in the same institution
with Edwin. They had been having a lovely
time together and visiting each other. Melody
just came out from the lecture hall when her
phone rang then she picked it up smiling.

She wore a tight jean trouser and a top with
books in her hand. On her feet were black
flat cover-shoes. After making the call, she
headed straight to Edwin’s apartment. The
apartment wasn’t furnished or modernized
but was comfortable and conducive. Edwin
gently gave her a hug and a quick kiss before
returning to the bed.

“So, why did you call me?”
 Melody kept her books. “Don’t tell me you have finished the food i cooked yesterday oh” she added smiling.

“I have finished it” Edwin replied staring at her.

He wore a white singlet and also a jean

“Now you are hungry again, abi?”

“Yes, but no”

“What do you mean by that?”

“I’m hungry of you” he stood up and began to touch her hair gently while Melody stared into his lovely eyes feeling her heartbeat.

Edwin gradually pulled her on the bed kissing her gently and stimulating her n—–s.

She was carried away with the feelings and
stimulation but suddenly quit the whole thing
breathing heavily.

“What is it?”
 Edwin asked.

“I’m sorry, i can’t do it”
 she replied.


“Because I’m scared. I have not done it

Edwin remained quiet for a while and smiled.
“Is okay” he concluded.

Tochi wore a bumshort and a bra. She la!d in
her room operating her new phone which
light brightened the whole room. One could
see her beautiful face with the help of the
light from the phone. Sooner did she stop and
began to think about Wisdom then she dialed
his number which rang instantly.

“Hello, who’s this?”
 Wisdom picked the call but Tochi didn’t respond rather she cut it.

Wisdom called back severally before she

 she called with a low voice feeling her heartbeat. Hearing her voice,
Wisdom stood up from his seat where he was sitting and was able to recognize her voice too.

“Tochi?” he called.

“Good evening”

“No, is afternoon here”

“I’m sorry, good afternoon” Tochi corrected but Wisdom didn’t respond.

“How’s Kingsley?”
 he asked.

“Excuse me?”

“I mean Kingsley the one you are dating”
“Who told you that..”

“Now i know you never loved me” Wisdom interrupted her. “You should have allowed me to explain before making yourself so cheap to other boys! You disgust me!!” the line went

“Wisdom i don’t know what you are talking about.

And you are even shouting at me..
Hello.. Wisdom? Are you there?”
 Tochi said in vain and began to shed tears.

“What have i done now? What is happening?” she started
crying bitterly and hardly had a good sleep
throughout the night..

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