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'Twist of Fate' Season 1 Episode 223 Recap - Aired: Wednesday 12 July 2017
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Aunt Indu asks Grandmother what’s wrong.
Grandmother says nothing is wrong and she doesn’t like how Aunt Indu watches her.Mitali is watching them.

Aunt Indu tells Grandmother that she feels unwanted and wants to go back home.
Grandmother says she won’t stop her as the people in her village will be missing her.
Aunt Indu asks if she wants her to go.
Grandmother says it was Indu who said she wants to go
Aunt Indu says Grandmother has changed and she will leave.
Grandmother wonders if she would really leave.
Aunt Indu says if Grandmother doesn’t tell her the truth she would leave.

Grandmother tells her that Sarla is missing.

Mitali hears.

Pragya runs till she gets to a roadblock.
She decides to go in the other direction.

Abhi gets to the car and sees Pragya in an alley.
He goes towards her.

Tanu arrives at the place Sarla is being held.
She gets scared when she sees the creepy caskets in the place.
She sees Nikhil and asks why he chose such a place.
He says it’s a romantic place.
She asks why he called her there.
He says he doesn’t want her to react funny when she sees the surprise.

Pragya wonders where Tanu could have gone.
She sees Tanu’s car.

Abhi loses sight of Pragya and gets scared.

Nikhil takes Tanu to Sarla.
Tanu is shocked to see Sarla.
She asks why he didn’t kill her.
Nikhil reminds her that she wasn’t supposed to overreact.
She asks why he didn’t kill her.
Nikhil says Sarla is not the blackmailer but he will know the person before he kills her.

Tanu says Sarla won’t tell him easily.
Nikhil says he knows how to extract the information.
Tanu tells him that he will have to kill her if they start searching for her aggressively.
He says it’s fine as he just needs one more day.
Tanu says she has to go as they will soon be looking for her at home but she expects him to call her and tell her he has killed Sarla.Pragya sees Abhi crouching on the ground in fear.
She asks what he’s up to.
He’s surprised to see it’s Pragya and not a ghost.
He says she lied about the girl wearing a blue dress.
Pragya says she can hear the girl so they have to look for her.

Aunt Indu asks what they would do.
Grandmother asks if she’s still leaving.

Purab calls Grandmother to ask if Pragya went after Tanu.
Grandmother asks why he’s not with Pragya.
He says Abhi gave him some work to do.

Aunt Indu asks Grandmother why she told Purab to keep an eye on Pragya.
Grandmother says she wants Purab to report to her on Pragya’s progress in the search for Sarla.

Mitali tells herself that something seems fishy and she will find out what it is.

Abhi tells Pragya that there is nobody there and she is just fooling him.
She says they have to go before she leaves.

Tanu drives off before they get to where she parked her car.
Pragya berates Abhi for letting the lady escape.

Tanu gets home and goes in search of Abhi.
She meets an empty room.

Pragya hallucinates and thinks she’s seeing her mother sitting on a rock.
She runs to her but the illusion disappears.
She sits on the rock and screams for her mother.
Abhi catches up to her and says he’s sorry.
She says her mother has been missing for days.
He says they have to leave.
She says she’s not leaving as her family members have all left her and she can’t bear it.
She says he wouldn’t understand as he still has all of his family with him.
He says Sarla was like a mother to him.

He sees her pulling her shawl tighter over her body.

He gathers some sticks together.

Pragya watches as Abhi makes a fire to keep her warm.
She stares at him and remembers the romantic times they shared.
He stares back at her.

Grandmother tries to call Pragya but her phone is off.
She tries Abhi.

Abhi answers the phone.
He tells her that he and Pragya are out to look for Sarla.
Grandmother is relieved.

Pragya stirs in her sleep.
Abhi adds more wood to the fire.
He asks Grandmother why she’s not asleep.
She says she is wondering when their troubles will be over
He assures her that things will be fine.
She asks if Pragya is giving him any trouble.
He says in spite of all she has done, he can’t leave her alone now and he’s still in love with her.
He says he will find Sarla and won’t allow anyone betray him again.
He hangs up.

He watches Pragya as she sleeps.
He asks himself why she had to change.

In the morning, Abhi is trying to fix his car.
He and Pragya argue.

Tanu calls him to ask why he didn’t come home.
He says his car broke down and he’s in the middle of nowhere.
She asks where he is
He says he’s in a place called Movani.
She tells him to leave immediately as she doesn’t trust Pragya.

She calls Nikhil to tell him Abhi and Pragya are in the neighbourhood where he kept Sarla.
He asks how they got to know.
She tells him to just go there and ensure they don’t find her.

Rachna brings food to Grandmother.
Purab enters and asks if Abhi and Pragya are back.
He takes out his phone to call the police.
She tells him not to call as the time together will help Pragya and Abhi get closer to such an extent that they will become the envy of everyone.
Aunt Indu walks in and asks who she’s talking about.
Grandmother doesn’t respond.
Indu says that’s why she keeps doubting Grandmother because she just heard her talking about Abhi and Pragya.
Purab says they were talking about Abhi and Tanu.
He asks if she teamed up with Pragya.
Aunt Indu says she was only wondering what Grandmother was talking about because she knows Abhi and Tanu won’t have an exemplary relationship but if Pragya changes her ways and they get married, then they can have an exemplary relationship.
Grandmother smiles.

Abhi tells Pragya that they have to wait for Tanu’s driver to come and get them.
She asks if they will just wait.
He tells her to be grateful because he kept the fire burning all night for her.
She’s impressed.

A car arrives and it’s Nikhil.
He tells Abhi that he came to check for a location to shoot an ad.
Abhi asks for a ride.
Nikhil tells them to get in.

Sarla tells herself that everyone must be asleep so it’s the right time to escape.

She sq££zes her legs out of the ropes and finds something to cut the rope from her hands.

She sneaks past the thugs and picks one of their phones.

Tanu is at home worried about Abhi finding Sarla before Nikhil.

Mitali rushes into the room and tells her that Abhi and Pragya didn’t come home at all last night and night have stayed at a hotel.
Tanu asks what she’s implying.
Mitali says it seems it happened before, Pragya’s wedding got called off because Tanu got pregnant but if Pragya gets pregnant then Tanu’s wedding will be called off.
Tanu says Abhi would never do that.
Mitali says he already did it with Tanu.

Tanu becomes even more worried.

Nikhil is driving Abhi and Pragya.
He asks Abhi why they came there.
Abhi says someone called them about Pragya’s mother.
Nikhil asks what happened.
Abhi says a girl called them to say she has information on Sarla who is missing.
Nikhil pretends to be surprised that Pragya is missing.

Sarla calls Abhi’s phone.
Abhi asks where she is.
She tells him that she can see Movani tours and travels.
He says he knows where it is.
He tells her to wait there.
Nikkhil panics.
Abhi tells him to turn around.

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