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Tears Of A Pearl [Completed] – Season 1 Episode 10


Tears Of A Pearl [Completed] - Season 1 Episode 1

“ my hair? Ha the dye is working don’t
worry janelle the dye is reacting ” Daniella
try to cover up her secret just then Arie and
Aria enter the house and once Aria sees
David, she shakes her head in a disgusting

“ so Daniel got a replacement already?” Aria
asked stabbing Daniella with her looks.

“ Aria don’t start today he is just a friend
huh? ” Daniella try to defend herself but little
aria won’t have any of it.

“ enough of that I saw Daniel and Suzy
together what the hell happened? ” Aria
asked and the question made Daniella

“ seriously Aria when did you turn to
relationship expert? Tell me? now sit down
there and don’t let me hear any word from
you understand? ” Arie warned.

“ OK mom” Aria said reluctantly.

“ your little sis is cute and smart” janelle said
and within little period of time janelle and
Aria became friends. .

“ I brought some clothes for her” Arie said
referring to Janelle. “ really we were just
about going for shopping when you guys
arrived thanks mom” Daniella smiled as she
check the clothes.

Since they are not going for shopping any
more, David later Leave in the evening
leaving the four females alone. Arie and Aria
later went to sleep leaving Daniella and
Janelle drinking.

“ janelle let me tell you a story, (sighs) the
first time I taste beer my throat tightens and
I felt like throwing up and I wonder why
people are drinking something so bitter like

this(laughs) but now look at me I’m now
drinking it with passion” Daniella said.

“ I have never taste it before but it’s not that
bad” janelle said drunkenly.

“ what? Which planet are you from? Never
taste beer? How old are you?” daniella
almost laugh.

“ I’m twenty years old”

“ same age as me, a twenty year old who
have never taste beer, what a waste”
daniella laughs.

“ the thing is am actually a mermaid”

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