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Me And My Supernatural Girlfriend [Completed] – Season 1 Episode 23


Me And My Supernatural Girlfriend [Completed] - Season 1 Episode 1

Nino!! Na you de threaten me since morning? I rant at him with highly tempered tone..

Nino : why you de shout like this and Wetin happen?

Me : so na you been de call my name since morning? (I replied with a question)

Nino : I no call your name, Wetin happen? (he asked in a confused manner)

Me : since morning na im one person don de call my name I thought it was you ni..

Nino : no its not me, I saw the parlour lights on and that’s why I came to check…

Me : ok! I also went to your room but you were sleeping, when I returned to my room the person touched me from behind and that’s why I ran down to the sitting room

Nino : hmmm! Pele, but you self you no de give yourself enough rest, all the Waka Waka whey you de do self fit cause am..( he said patting me with his left hand) ‎

Me : Nino, don’t tell me you didn’t believe what am saying ? (I said with a confused look)

Nino : no that’s not it, all am trying to say is that you should take enough rest this days cus it might affect your health..

Me : Nino! You are still saying the same thing..

I was really furious at what Nino was trying to say.. asin wetin he mean be say I don de mad abi? .i thought.. I stood up from the chair and walked down to my room..I jumped on my bed and slept off..

The next morning i felt a warm hand tapping me to stand up..i peeped to access the person with one eyes open and one closed.. oh! It’s Nino. Morning sir, I greet..

Nino : sorry about the way I sounded last night..i was actually trying to advise you to take good care of your health … (he gave a faint smile)

Me : ok sir, thank you sir.. *nodes *‎

Nino : anyway, am off to work please take good care of yourself I will call you when I get to work..

He walks out of my room and head straight to work, I picked my phone and I saw couple of missed calls and whatsapp text messages on my phone. I cross-checked vividly and the calls where from nifemi, I didn’t bother to call her back before I went ahead to check oluzo’s message ..
( our conversation on whatsapp)

Me : oluzo hafa!

Oluzo : am fine.. what’s up?

Me : oga I de, wetin I see this night no be small o! * disappointed smiley*

Oluzo : wetin you see?

Me : I no too know but one person just de call my name for midnight ni.. I even feel his hands on my body gan..

Oluzo : maybe na your imagination.

Me : oga am serious jorh!

Oluzo : maybe na wetin you carry for mind go sleep be dat. You too de fear jorh!

Me : ok nah! I don hear you.. hafa Caro come abi?

Oluzo : yes! *tongue out smiley*

Me : ok enjoy yourself
We end the conversation and I stoop up from my bed, I entered the kitchen to get some water for myself , then I something fell from behind I turned to look and I saw the floor filled with broken glass from the glass cup I dropped on the table.. I quickly packed them and dumped it into the dustbin ‎,then I picked another one and placed it in a safer position, before I could turn my head It fell and splashed on the floor.. omo! I run pass house

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