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Sexcapade Gone Wrong [Completed] – Season 1 Episode 15


Sexcapade Gone Wrong [Completed]

I travelled to Edo State weekend since i dont have any other choice
afterall na 150 thousand naira we they talk here, i traveled on friday
and return back on Sunday the next day i return to the bank with my
voters card I meet the yeye man that open the account
for me.

Me: good morning bros.

Bro: morning how far?

Me: am fine *i took the voters card from my wallet and gave it to him.*

Bro: ehen na now you come.

He took it and check the file i fill before then he said, “you use Jacob..

John Oziegbe… To fill your form but here u use only Jacob John
in your voters card.

Me: yeah so what does it mean?

Bro: it means we still cant use it because they are different.

Me: see bro dont tell me nonsense if you dont give me my money you
will regret it.

Bro: if you threaten me one more time you will be put behind bars.

Me: okay see you later.

I left his office and again lady Aminat called me and ask how far i told
her everything then she said.

Ami: did you use the complete name in your school ID card?

Me: yes,

Ami: if i help you with this what will you give me.

Me: if you can help me twenty thousand is yours and of course i will
take you out because you deserve it.

Ami: hmmmm okay lets see give me the two cards.

I gave her the card then she took it to the office and photocopy them,
then she gave it to the manager the manager sign sign and put
something in his computer then Aminat walk to me and told me that my


account is back.

Me: really?

Ami: yes check it tomorrow.

Me: waoh thanks alot.

Ami: dont tell me thanks you know our deal.

Me: of course please give me your contact.

She called her number for me and i save it then i left her after
telling her i will call her later,.

I got home and was happy i took my ATM and went to first bank to
withdraw and surprisely it work I called Aminat

Ami: hello

Me: yeah its me Ozila

Ami: oh Mr Ozila how are you doing?

Me: am fine I just want to know if you are ready.

Ami: oh that where are we going by the way?

Me: Executive hotel.

Ami: okay I will only be chance on Friday night.

Me: okay then we will see on Friday na.

Ami: alright take care bye.

I cut the call after promising to
take her Executive hotel on Friday.
after returning from school on Friday i called Aminat to remind
her of our outing she said that i will meet her there by 7pm since
nothing to do i decided to sleep to pass away time Laveda is not around she traveled to Lagos to meet her parents, around seven i
dressup and took some money I enter keke to Executive hotel i called
her and she direct me to where she is she sat alone in one round
table, she wore red gown and she look very absolutely beautiful, i
walk to where she is and said “i dont know you are this beautiful”.

Ami: stop the blushing thing joor so how far?

Me: i they oh i was really angry today because of what happen in
school but since am with you now i guess my mind is cool now what do
you care for?

Ami: any fruit juice will be okay, so have you be able to withdraw money?

Me: so you dont want hot drug.

Ami: i do drink but not now.

Me: hmmm okay and yes the account is active now all thanks to you.

I called the barman and ordered for Chivita fruit juice with two glass.

Everywhere was really buzzy and yes Aba people knows how to enjoy life
to the fullest, me and Aminat continue discussing asking questions
about ourself till 8pm the party have started and everybody is
dancing so i ask.

Me: can we dance?

Ami: i dont know how to dance na.

Me: oh come on i will teach you
i immediately stood up even without her permission i took her
hand and we walk to dance floor and started dancing i think shes
kinda shy at first but when the music they hot she started showing her
skills after ten minutes of naija hot jamb the Dj change it to bluez,
i hold her waist and she put her two hands around my neck like lovers
then we start moving slowly like america dance we were looking at
each others eye and we were so close, i dont know where the courage
came from i just move my mouth closer to hers and kiss her,

Aminat: whats that for?

Me: a thank you.

Aminat: hmm then why not do it properly instead of stealing it.

Me: hmm sorry.

We continue dancing and we were close to each other touching each
others body, and me my d!ckson no fit touch woman say e nor rise as
our body they jamb na so our temperature they increase, i move my hand
from her waist to her ass and start rubbing, she look at me and smile
we were dancing and also moving to a dark spot, when we reach where
nobody is i pounce on her and started kissing her,we were kissing each
other as if tomorrow no they I guess she need it also we move to a dark room whether na toilet
abi security house we nor know, we continue kissing and i locate table
and i raise her up and put her on the table, oh men she get weight sha,we continue kissing while
i rub her big boobs, she lose my belt and bring out my mantle i shift
closer to her and remove her pant through her gown then she direct my d!ckson inside
her p**sy and yeah we started fuccking hard, like rough sex, as I they enter na so her gigantic boobs they bounce up and down, we
continue doing it for five minutes till somebody on the light and alas
my fellow brethren what i saw shock me, i saw that security man and my
Laveda in the room looking at us.

The End

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