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Sexcapade Gone Wrong [Completed] – Season 1 Episode 14


Sexcapade Gone Wrong [Completed]

I reach there with anger took debit slip i fill the form and went to
the cashier she look at it and enter the info in the computer, she
process it and as she wanted to give me the money i made a big mistake
and ask.

Me: but ma why cant i withdraw with my ATM?
She hold on and look at the screen again then she said “oh am sorry
you cant withraw because your account is dormant”.

Me: what do you mean?

“i said you cant withdraw because you left the account dormant for many months”.

Me: so how can i open it?

“meet that lady there and complain” she point to the lady Aminat.

I left there and went to meet her at once

Me: hello ma.

Ami: you again, long time.

Me: yeah please they say my account is dormant and i cant withdraw.

Ami: oh yeah that means you have to reactivate it oh meet them dear
am busy now.
(she point to another room with three guys) there i even saw the man
that open the account for me, i walk to them and greet them then i
told the man that i want to reactivate my account he said okay and
gave me a form to fill after filling it he ask for my ID card i gave
him my school ID card.

Mr: am sorry we dont use school ID card.

Me: what! But this is the one i use to open it.

Mr: maybe we use it then but now we dont use it.

Me: what do you mean (i shouted and everybody pause) how can you use it when
i was opening it and now i want to withdraw and you are telling me you

dont use it again?

Mr: calm down Sir thats just our policy.

Me: you cant tell me that fine i want to close the account give me my money.

Manager: what is going on here.

Mr: sir this man want to reactivate his account and i told him we dont
use school ID card.

Me: thats the card i use to open it the account and you just cant tell me now you dont use it anymore.

Manager: mr man we are sorry but school ID is not valid it can expire
anytime thats why we dont use it again.

Me: so what will happen to my money?

Manager: you have to go and look for another ID to reopen the account.

Me: thats crap to me i need my money give it to me or else i will sow
this bank.

Manager: you can do whatever you want please follow the security
outside you are causing nuisance.

Me: no wahala na i go commot but know say i be Edo boy and i dont lose.

I said and left the office i met Aminat at the hall and she
called me back she ask what happened and i explain everything to her.

Ami: so what of your voters card.

Me: i left it in Edo.

Aminat: and how much do you have in the account?

Me: 150k.

Aminat: so why not travel down to Edo to bring your ID, that wont cost
you anything so far you will collect 150k in return,.
I think about what she said and thank her i left the hall and start
thinking how i will travel to Edo State.

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