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Sexcapade Gone Wrong [Completed] – Season 1 Episode 12


Sexcapade Gone Wrong [Completed]

I woke up the next day and saw my neighbour jeni sitting on my chair
leg cross and looking at me, i was kinda shock because the way she was
looking at me is like i commited a crime or did i?

Me: whats wrong?

Jeni: good morning.

Me: yeah morning.

Jeni: why did you do it?

Me: do what?

Jeni: dont pretend as if you dont know what am talking about.

Me: oh am really sorry the cold was too much last night and the way
you fold yourself confirm that you are feeling it too, so I decided to join you before my d!ckson start misbehaving am really sorry.

Jeni: thats what you will say you are sorry right? you guys are just
the same because you open your room for me is that why you decided to
open my leg. (na so na open and open god no go vex)

Me: see am really sorry at first i have no intention of sleeping with
you am really sorry.

Jeni: sorry for yourself goodbye and we will see later.

She storm out of my room and I started wondering what i did wrong is it
not only sex not that shes even a virgin oh abeg make she they go joor
i nor get her time, but come to think of it she make sense die and she
sweet like water melon, you know when you eat water melon the fruit go
make hungry they worry you, that is just how this is and am hungry for
more of her pusssi,.

I stood up and brush my teeth i took my bath and get ready for school,

i enter school and here the latest that some cultist kill one
of our mate, i tried to find out how and i heard that the guy was

dating laveda but when he beat her up for cheating the girl send some
thugs to deal with him but unfortunately they killed him, police they
everywhere they look for laveda, i wonder how she manage know thugs oh
aaah she suppose know them na afterall she be bad girl,

lesson didnt hold that day so i just return home and took my wallet and hed
to stanbic bank to collect my ATM card, i reach there and everything was going on smoothly i met a girl there from her ID her name is Aminat she
look cute and beautiful and i cant help but wonder how only one girl
pack backyard like that, all those kind girls no they hard to get job
na once manager see them no need for application self na them go they
press make them start work sharp sharp, i meet her and ask.

Me: good morning ma please i want to collect my ATM card.

Ami: when did you open the account?

Me: yersterday ma.

Ami: you have to meet the person that open it for you.

Me: yeah i ask they say he’s not around.

Aminat: okay whats your name and account number?

I wrote my name and account number for her and she took it and walk to
one room oh boy thats boobs sha.

She return back with my ATM she activate it for me and gave it to me
telling me to go outside and test it and also change the password i thank
her and walk out of the hall.

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