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My Psycho Girlfriend [Completed] – Season 1 Episode 32


“You know what? I think we should take a vacation after all this. I wish we won’t have to write exams and all that s–t but seriously we need a vacation” she nudged me when I wasn’t saying anything
“We sure would take vacation in heaven, forever” I said with glum
“You are a killjoy, what if you are going to hell eh? She laughed again

“You still won’t tell me how you got into all these mess and things you were not proud of” I reminded her
“You still have time for gossips when death screams into your face eh? ka son gossips, guluma eheheh” she said in Hausa and laughed again

“I am here because of you, according to what she said, I am the one that encouraged Farhan to date you. She read my brother’s chats. Now I am going to die for you, just imagine that trash, but no I won’t, you are not that fine to die over ” she tickled me and I busted into laughter
We don’t know the horrible fate that will befall us, or maybe we know. We just want to pretend we don’t.

“Farida? What about your parents, are they not making efforts to get you out of wherever they think you are” I asked

“My Father has lots of kids to worry about one when he or she gets missing” she replied sarcastically “They should be trying their best, but I don’t think he would really care when I am reported dead. I only pity my mother and the twins, hope you know Farhan is my step brother? But we are super close. I pity him too” her voice has lost it vigour.

“Do you think we would leave this place” I asked Farida

“Lanre, I don’t think so. Amina is mean, she is really mean. Things she has done to me. To think I would die like this and she would force Farhan to marry her. God!” she broke down into tears. Her shoulders shook as she cried. To think Farida who had been strong along will cry made me feel hopeless but then I shrugged. I should be the strong one here.

I heard stones getting crushed under heavy shoes.

“She is here” I whispered to Farida, Farida sniffed and sat upright.

The door was opened and bright light shone in our faces. I couldn’t see and I had to cover my face with my hands

“Well well, ladies hope you both are comfy, how was the catching up? Farida love, how are you?” she cackled and I heard a soft m0an
I was still wondering what happened to Farida when I felt a kick in between my legs
“And here is the s–t who wanted to take my man, to think Farhan would prefer a stick like you to me baffles me” she kicked me again and I fell on my back holding my pubic area
“I guess he realized she has no psychotic history, her mental health is clean. She would make clean babies that has no psychological diso-ha!” Farida screamed

” Farida” I felt around and she stepped on my fingers

“Who wants a crazy being for a child, your parents ought to have abandoned you at an asylum, aaargh”

“Farida please stop talking” I pleaded as I struggled to release my fingers.

“Tell me, have you taken your drugs today.. ” I heard a twack,” what about injections? Oooh!”

I was able to remove my fingers and I scurried away. I nursed my fingers as Amina dealt with Farida, Farida was screaming and it hurts.

I heard Farida whimpering, she is done with her. I closed my eyes tightly and I imagined her coming towards me, I felt the slap before I could sense it. Then another one. She was about to slap me for the third time when I held her hand and twisted it. She used the other hand to hit me hard on the head with an object, the pain shoot throughout my neck to my lower back, it was the torch she used to blind us. I mustered up strength and applied more pressure on her hand, she hit me again with the torch but the blow was weaker this time. Rising up on one leg, I released one hand from the hold I had on her and I punched her in the stomach, my calculation was right, the torch fell and Amina groaned in pain.

“Farida, Farida, I got her” I felt sharp pain in my thigh, opening my eyes a bit. I saw the torch facing another direction, Amina was digging into my flesh, I pushed and pounded her head but she won’t budge. I grabbed the torch and hit her on the head with all my strength. The pain went away sharply and returned in a dull ache.

Amina slid on the floor, I rolled towards Farida and shook her. She opened her eyes weakly, she was bleeding from the nose. Her face was a mess, she smiled and tried to sit up straight. I held the torch and tried to pull Farida up, we were making our way towards the door when Amina pulled me by the waist.

“Where are you going s–t!” she hit me on the head with her head and I was blinded by pain, Farida has sagged into a heap on the floor and she was still bleeding.

Amina pulled out a gun as I rose my head and grinned, she still looked breathtaking.

“I guess I have to end things quickly, you were a tough one, bye bii…” Farida screamed and flew at her, a deafening sound went off before they both collapsed on the ground.

Amina struggled to push Farida off her. Then she massaged her neck. I went for the gun the same time she reached for it. It was between her laps. I bite hard on her fingers until I tasted blood, then I kicked and kicked and kicked until she fell back.

“You don’t even know how to handle a gun s–t” she said in between clenched teeth
“My dad is a soldier b—h” I shoot at her shoulder and her leg.

I went to check Farida, she is still breathing but there is a huge blob of blood on her tummy. I checked Amina’s pocket and I found a phone. I dialed Farhan’s number repeatedly but he didn’t pick. Then I dropped a message. I didn’t know how long it took before I fainted with Farida cradled in between my legs……

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