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My Psycho Girlfriend [Completed] – Season 1 Episode 31


I woke up with a throbbing headache, it was dark and the ground I la!d on is very cold. I felt sand beneath my palms and I sat upright. It took me some minutes before realization dawned on me.

I was alone, I tried feeling around with my hands but I gathered handfuls of sand only. There were mosquitoes buzzing around and I remembered my experience in the cell, the headache worsened.

I began to imagine what would happen to me, perhaps Amina would kill me, or she would lock me here till I die of starvation. Or she would torture me and let me die a slow painful death, or she would bring vicious dogs to bite me to pieces.

I still prayed fervently to be woken into reality, I prayed my roommate will shake me furiously and chide me for being a heavy sleeper. I prayed I was still with Jhay and I never met Farhan. I prayed Farida and I never became friends. I prayed I was never Prof. Fajuyi’s lust interest. I prayed I never had anything to do with the Amazons. I prayed with my eyes tightly shut, when I realized the futility of everything, my eyes gave way, tears gush out freely like a busted pipe. I couldn’t control it. The more the tears flowed the more things look more bleak. There is no hope. Amina would do whatever she wants with me and nobody would know she did it. Police would investigate and will continue to meet dead ends. And my mum, oh my poor mum, I remembered Natasha’s parents and I shuddered. God forbid I prayed fervently.

“Can you keep quiet for once and let’s concentrate on finding ourselves out of this situation?” a tired voice whispered.

“Who is in here? I can’t see you, Farida is that you, Farida! Farida!!” I searched around aimlessly with my hands like a beggar who has lost her walking stick.

I felt a cold hand touch my legs and I jumped and grabbed her, I do not know where I grabbed but I grabbed her anyway. I resumed my sobs again and hugged her fiercely. Farida was like a balm on an aching chest, an anchor. I clung to her the way a child does to a mother who had gone out all day.

“That’s my hair you are grabbing with my neck, arrgh-ah” she pushed me away gently.

“I am so sorry, it’s long I hugged someone, God knows I need a hug after all that has happened” my voice shook

“Like you didn’t hug my brother recently” I can make out her face, her skin glowed in the darkness. I wondered the last time she had her bath

“Farida, I can explain, you should listen to me. Since there seems to be no hope anyway” even I willed myself to disbelieve what I said
” I am not dying, I will die one day but I am not dying here” she scoffed

“You know I don’t understand you Lanre, one minute you were all angry at Farhan, the next minute I heard you guys were making out in the open” she shook her head and continued “To think that you never told me” I imagined her shaking her head and biting her lips as she said this. Her face is still not clear enough.

“It wasn’t in the open, it was dark and it just happened, I actually felt guilty after and I-i-iii tried to stop things from getting out of hands but… ” I sighed deeply.

“Hope you know Natasha is dead” I added
“I knew she was going to get hurt” Farida said without emotion.

” So you knew about her death?”
“Please I don’t, I knew she had problems with the high priestess only, and I warned her not to step on her toes, she would not listen, she wanted to sell Amazons out. Nobody forced her to become an Amazon , nobody asked her to s£duce the high priestess, the high priestess never loved her. Natasha wanted something but she never got it”

“What was it she wanted” I prodded
” and how is it your business what she wanted? I should tell you, you may be right. Amina could kill us before tomorrow. Natasha wanted freedom, she wanted freedom after all she had… We had done together, nobody will let her go freely with all those secrets” Farida voice trembled

” What secrets?” I moved close to her and held her hands, they were still cold. It gets colder every minute.

” Lanre, I have done things I am not proud of, same with Natasha. Natasha and the high priestess saw to the killing of a lecturer that was disturbing her. Natasha saw to the killing of a man threatening her dad. Her dad was about to get this huge deal and he was getting threatened by his former business partner, the high priestess did everything for Natasha. Natasha developed cold feet and wanted out ” Farida laughs hysterically as she said this ” wanted out” she repeated.

I didn’t say a word lest Farida decides to go mum. She swallowed and went on

“My brother loved you, he has always had a thing for you. But you were the big snub, you never gave him a second glance, he said you wouldn’t even acknowledge his presence when he said hello, and God knows I hated you then. I thought you were a snub too, but I love your shape, and your perfect small ‘nyansh’ ” she added in pidgin and we both laughed. Hollow dry laugh.

“I was with Jhay then, other guys look like Shrek to me ” I sighed

“Oh, lover girl, then I heard you guys met at Campus Blast that day, he asked me to keep an eye on you for him and find out if you had a boyfriend. I had to become your friend, I actually wanted to. Then he told me about how Amina had been threatening him when he was about to ask you out” she freed her hands from mine and continued “she told him she would kill herself and pin it on him, she actually pulled that stunt once. She SKYPEd Farhan one day and chug down bottles upon bottles of Codeine. Farhan was confused and didn’t want to be the cause of her death. I asked him to explain things to you so you won’t think he is taking you for granted when Amina starts spreading silly love stories around school. He said he doubts if you would believe and he said he had to tell you he was with Amina so you guys would be apart for a while, even that doesn’t make sense to me” she held her head in her hands
My eyes were used to the darkness now.

“How come Farhan never told her parents all these?” I asked.

“You don’t get it do you? They will think he is just being a crook, the last time he did that, our Father threatened to disown him. They all caused it, everyone used to call them husband and wife when we were young” she hissed
“But how did I get into the mess, how did you get involved? Fine. Natasha’s death was by the Amazons, who killed Prof. Fajuyi, who?” my headache has returned
“Prof. Fajuyi is dead? Woah!”
” don’t pretend Farida, I am not even an amazon yet and you guys… ”

” They didn’t do it, the Amazons wouldn’t kill unless you want them to” she explained
” Why are you saying “them” are you not one?” Farida is confusing me
“I think I want out too. I wasn’t as bad as Natasha, and I don’t think they killed Natasha, they give warnings before killing a member, Natasha never received them” she shook her head

“But you befriended the high priestess too, didn’t you?”

“She likes me, but I never gave in to her demands. She loves and revered me at the same time. She still do, I guess and that got Natasha jealous at a point. Jeeez Lanre why will you think like that? I love me some good ol’ d–k” she laughed and I joined this time heartedly.
I do not know whom to believe but I don’t think Farida will deny anything she has ever done.

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