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My Psycho Girlfriend [Completed] – Season 1 Episode 13


It’s been three weeks since Jhay broke up with me, now I am ready to totally rock my newly found single life even though I had been living as a semi-single girl for the past two, three months. Farhan calls every morning and night, he sure knows how to hold a conversation, from telling me about the impossible lecturers in his department to cracking my ribs from laughter, it feels good,I can totally get used to this I mean friendship hurts nobody right?

I attend night classes and tutorials now more than I have ever done in the past three years I have been in the Uni. I get to read a page or two then spend the rest of the three hours meant for reading with Farhan, he looks cuter and cuter every night, I started putting a little more effort in my night class drabs, I went from wearing my go-to Camo hoodie and a top to going all out, sometimes a bright pink sweater, other times an electric blue jumper, blah blah blah with a touch of lip gloss. A spritz of spray around my neck completes everything as we spend some times bent over his IPad watching series. This is crazy but it feels good.

Farhan texted me while I was in class yesterday, I was lucky it wasn’t prof. Fajuyi’s class, I left after reading the text, he had asked me to come to COIGNE, a restaurant in school, the text sounded urgent and I wondered what could be wrong, I stumbled into Henry Sharkfish Teeth as I was about to go into the restaurant, he was as usual with a very tall, slim and beautiful girl, I rolled my eyes when I saw him and didn’t bother saying “hi” he tricked me once into believing I would be having a photo shoot, silly me I had thought my slim self would become a model not knowing Henry was an undercover pimp, he wanted to sell me for a night to one very obese man that looks like he would drop dead soon, he would not stop apologizing ever since but am not the type to forget a betrayal too soon, he is such an ugly being both inside and out. He waved at me but I ignored him, Farhan was sitting at the most obscure part of the restaurant. I couldn’t help but swoon when I saw him, he was wearing a sparkling white shirt, Grey trousers and black shoes, all screaming designer! He looked kinda tensed.

I sat beside him and nervously said hello, his face was contorted into a frown and I couldn’t help but marvel at how cuter that made him, I was staring at his lips lost in thought when I heard him say “I am losing her”, “who” I asked weakly, he turned and stared at me, long and hard enough for me to see fear suddenly replaced by anger in his eyes, then he dropped his stare slowly and breathed “Amina”
I felt hot, very hot inside that I felt I needed to use the toilet, then I went cold, really cold that I become too aware that the AC was on, so he had a girlfriend all this while? I could feel my alter ego sharpening her knife and waiting to draw blood!!!

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