Must Read: My Teenage Mind (18+)… Season 1 Episode 8 – Stories


Law: Am sorry,it wasn’t intentional.

Me: Its okay. Goodnight
I was about leaving when he held my hand. I refused to look at him because I knew what the discussion was going to be all about. I also knew that I was going to refuse him if he talked about it.

Law: Rose look at me. Why are you avoiding me? Did I do anything wrong?
I still didn’t look at him so he turned me around.

Law: I need an answer now. You can’t just keep quiet and still avoid me.

Me: Law please,seniors may be out here any moment and I don’t want to be in their bad books.

Law: Is that all you’re concerned about?

Me: For now,yes.

I saw the hurt in his eyes. He looked away but didn’t leave my hand.

Me: let me go back to my class please.

Law: what kind of human being are you?
He sounded very angry and I was shocked. He continued.

“I didn’t want to approach you but I saw myself doing it. Why did you give me so much hope at the beginning? I should have believed those who said you were a l£sb!an.

Me: what? me? a l£sb!an? Are you crazy?
I was angry but I still managed to keep my voice calm.

Law: am not crazy. Prove them wrong then if you’re not a l£sb!an. Listen,I love you and . . . .

I snatched my hand from him and stared at him for a while.

Me: You don’t love me. You only came to me to verify if I was a l£sb!an or not. Listen,I have a boyfriend back at home. I love him so much and won’t let anything or anyone change the feeling I have for him. As for the gossips,you all can say whatever you want to say. Excuse me.

I blurted and walked into my class. Some questioning began from my friends immediately we got to the hostel.I refused saying anything to them including Regina. I stayed glued to myself till the term ended. I lost my friends and I think I even lost the ability to think straight.

This is the point where I’ll say that not having friends is the worst thing that can happen to anybody. I thought I was strong enough to be on my own but life proved me wrong. Even now,I still regret not confiding in my friends then because I still feel isolated.

It was a Christmas break but I refused to travel home.I stayed with my uncle who taught in my school. That was how I remained far from home till I finished ss1. My people thought I wanted to be in that environment and my uncle needed the extra hand so he helped convince them to let me stay.

But the truth was that I was running away from Frank and Vivian. That was how my life turned sour. I had it all but I didn’t have friends who I could communicate my feelings with

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