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I got to the hostel after prep and la!d on my bed. I started thinking about what the maths master said to me. He said he would see me tonight. What will happen? I was so nervous.

I picked my empty bucket and went downstairs to the ss3 tap. The queue wasn’t long so I sat down on my bucket. Chidimma came to me and tapped me;

Chidimma: I’ve being calling you for a while now. You look distracted. What is the problem.?

Me: I’m having a slight headache.(and truthfully,I was having one)

Chidimma: Have you taken any drug?

Me: Mba.

Chidimma: Stand up let me fetch your containers.

I stood up and she helped me to fill my two buckets. She called two junior students and asked them to carry my buckets to my corner. We walked straight to the refectory,ate the watery vegetable soup and strong garri and went back to the hostel. I undressed,tied my towel,picked my soap dish and bucket of water and made for the bathroom. I opened the front door and two girls were in it so I left them and started looking for an empty one. I got one at the extreme. I went inside and began to pour water on my body. Water running down my body through my Tip tickled me so I started looking at my body. Why did it attract a lot of guys including maths master? What was he going to do to me tonight? I felt a need to touch myself. The door opened immediately and there was Chisom,one of the bad girls we had in my class. She was tying a towel. I didn’t bother covering myself because I was used to taking my bath in front of my fellow girls..

Me: Any problem?

She walked in and bolted the door.

Chisom: I saw you enter this bathroom so I decided to join you.

Me: Okay but where is your bucket of water and soap dish?

Chisom; They will come later.

I was still looking at her when she loosened her towel and hung it on the rail. She had huge b0s0m with large aureolas and a long Tip. I looked at them and quickly removed my eyes.

I bent down and started using my bailer to pour water on my body. She came closer to me and pulled me up. She folded her right palm on my left b0s0m and started squeezing them;

Me: What are you doing?

Chisom: Sshh! You’re going to enjoy it. Trust me.

I hit her hand down and pointed a finger at her.

Me: Listen,I’ve had more than enough for one day. If you’re not here to take your bath,please leave me to do mine.

Chisom: I’ve heard about how perfect your body is and now that I’ve seen it, baby,I can’t let it go without having a feel of it.

Me: Are you crazy or something? I’m not a l£sb!an.

Chisom: Nobody here is a l£sb!an. We’re just doing it for the fun and to ease Sekxual urges. Come on,try it for once then you can back out if you don’t like it. I’m a fellow woman,I know and understand our bodies so I can please you very much. Just try it out okay.

Me: Chisom?

Chisom: Baby,I’ve always admired you. Just let me have a taste of you.

She started coming closer to me and I couldn’t move. She made me lean on the tiled wall and started kissing me,I refused to give in at first,but when she pinched my Tip and I let out a m0an,she seized the opportunity to put her tongue in my mouth and I started returning the kiss. I heard a m0an from the next bathroom and I threw caution to the wind.

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