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Must Read: Me, My Sister And Her Friends (18 ) [Completed] – Season 1 Episode 21


I can never think straight when I’m in bed with you,” I tell her and see a look of confusion on her face. “But honestly, outside of the bedroom we don’t have a lot in common. We spend sixty percent of our time fighting and forty percent making up.” I guess it is make-up s-x. “What do you mean we don’t have anything in common?” she pulls back, ready for a fight. “We have our friends.”

“Your friends,” I counter.

“They’re your friends now, too.” She stops and just looks at me, her anger putting a light flush on her face. “Are you breaking up with me? Is there someone else?”

“NO!” I say emphatically. “No one else. I just think you deserve someone who you don’t spend two-thirds of your time fighting with, don’t you?” I ask her.

“You are breaking up with me!” She stands up and starts to walk away but spins back around.[/B] “F–k you! Brandon! Just f–k you! Nobody breaks up with me! I do the f—–g breaking up!”[/B] She takes a deep breath, whirls around and looks like she’s going to breathe fire, “I hope you’re happy with whoever she is! We’re through!” she screams as she storms out the door.

F–k! I didn’t even know I was going to do that. But it feels right somehow. I finish straightening the kitchen then stretch out on the couch flipping through channels on the TV.

I must have dosed off, late nights of p—y eating and blowjobs will do that. I hear the girls come in, all talking at once and laughing merrily. I sit up and say hi.

“Hey,” Lauren says, sitting next to me. “How did it go with Kelly?”
“We broke up,”
 I answer, aware that the other girls are nearby and the chatter has stopped.
“I’m sorry,” Lauren says, putting her arm around me.

“I’m not,” I smile. “It was my idea.”

“Then I’m not either,” she says, kissing me playfully on the cheek. “I never really liked her anyway.” I didn’t know that. “I’m not sure what you saw in her… I mean… other than the obvious.”

“She really knew what to do with that obvious,” I answer. Lauren holds up her hands.

“TMI, Brandon!” she laughs. “Too much information.”

“Outside of the s-x,” I continue, “We really didn’t have anything in common.”

I stretch and turn towards my sister. “Will you go with me this afternoon to get my stuff?”
 Lauren says although I’m not certain she really wants to.

“Want to see what we bought?” Kylie asks.

“Of course,” I answer as they rustle through the bags on the floor. “Will you model them for me?”
“That’s what I meant,” 
Kylie smiles. They pull out a variety of tops, shorts and skirts and start to undress.

“You’re going to change right here?” Lauren asks.

“Like we have something he hasn’t already seen?” Alex asks as she pulls her top over her head and reveals a light tan bra, which exposes plenty of cleavage.

“She has a point,” I answer, watching as each of the girls starts to disrobe.

“You’re such a guy, Brandon,” Lauren punches my arm but she joins her friends in modeling the new outfits.

I spend the next half hour with a perpetual hard-on. Even though the girls never strip down past their underwear, it is Sekxy as hell to watch them try on their clothing. They swap tops and skirts as much as their physical differences permit and ask me my opinion on everything.

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