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Must Read: Single But Living Married (Another S*x Story) – Episode 4


Must Read: Single But Living Married (Another S*x Story) - Episode 1

We finished as early as noon the following
day, it took me more than an hour before I
was able to locate Bola who told me she was
already at the gate waiting for me…I met her
there and we took bus to my hostel…we got in,
she dropped her bag and brought out
something from another bag she was holding…
Bola:u see your life, u no even get anytyn for
house to eat
Me:wetyn make I do now…I moved in over the

Bola: where your pot dey jhoor and lets go to
the kitchen
I never believed Bola had already gone to the
nearby market close to our school, brought
food stuffs to prepare for me. We went to the
kitchen together, prepared stew and she later
boiled rice…..We eat to the fullest, watch film
and gist about so many things . we got a bit
personal and knew so many things about her.
She told me her parent will never allow her to
stay in the hostel. She was the only girl and
the last born. Daughter of the house. Nepa
struck as usual and we both laid on bed and
started talking all over again.
We both slept off and woke up around 4pm
before she decided to make her way home…I
asked if she really wanted to stay in the hostel
and she said she will prefer her freedom then I
told her she can always come and rest in my
hostel everyday and go home late so that she
can use that as excuse for them to see reason
with her to secure an hostel close to the
school. “What a nice idea” she said.
That was how my real friendship with bola
started. We are so free with each other that
there was nothing we dont discuss. Often
times we leave school to my hostel for
tutorial, we cook and do some crazy stuff
together as close friends.
I was having a lecture free day one day and
bola told me she will be coming over to my
place later in the day. I was surprised when
she arrived my house with another babe.
Shade was her course mate, she was arguably
one of the most beautiful geh in that
department. her ukwu was outside this world
while her bweast was awesome too. She was
not too tall or short and her skin was so

Though we have met times without number
but our encounter had never be more than hi
and greetings. Guys flock towards her alot and
liver no gree me meet her as I believe she was
this classy babe and who born me wey no
even sabi how to toast a babe very well to go
near her.
Shade:so, its ur place we are coming to snakie
Me:bola never told me she was coming with
someone either
Bola:must I tell u? No be our house?
Me:lolzzz….you are not serious, well na u own
d house sha
Shade:you have a nice place here snakie
Me:thankz shade….what can I offer u
Bola:olobe, as if u get things for house
Me:which kind hand b dat one now bola…..
Bola:shey I lie ni, if I go check ur pot now,
evrywhere will b empty
Me:na u sabi, but I know I still have some
stew and raw pepper…..
Shade: no dey abuse him now bola
Me:thank u ooo shade, as if no be she finnish
all my food…..what should I offer you jare
shade? U care for coke
Shade:dont stress ursef abeg
Bola:see u, if u no dey take, snakie abeg buy
me fanta outside
Me:give me money
Bola:u no even dey shame, no b ur house I
come meet u? Go buy me drinks jhoor….
Me:olobe ni e….am coming abeg
I stepped outside to get drinks for 3 of us and
met them in the kitchen preparing light as
nepa also restored light.
Me:why u dey stress this babe now bola
Shade:stress ke? Its normal jare….am I not a

Bola:she complain to you? Abeg we need eat
before we start tutorial jhoor
Me:no problem but as if una know sat I dey
ache myself…..
They finish preparing yam and egg and we
eat. We started little tutorial as usual
(business mathematics and later statistics)
..sincerely I couldnt concentrate much on what
I was teaching them as all my mind was on
shade’s asset. Her natural endowment was out
of this world couple with the fact that I never
imagine I could have her so close to me…(well
thankz to bola) and I never knew they talk
that much. Our eyes usually met times without
number but it will just be a smile coming from
her face. It will be an understatement if I said
I was already fantasizing how it will look like
both of us unclad on bed.

We finished tutorial for the day and they
decided to leave around after 5. I saw them off
as I also use the opportunity to exchange
phone number with shade. Going back home, I
was already thinking of the skills and ways to
ask her out. It will be a disaster if she ever
say NO to me as I wont be able to withstand
the embarrassment. but it will be too early
saying that now, whats even the tendency that
she’s not yet dating one of these guys around
her….hope strong men wont be disturbing her
too cos her department had the number one of
one of the brotherhood in our school then.
Should I just free this babe? No u can take
your chance, notyn dey happen….what if she
rejected me and said am not in her class?
Even if she reject u, no b 2day now…how will
bola feel? U have never talk to her abt
relationship now….but her body language
says it all…wont I loose her friendship cos her
body language wanted you to make the
move…..hmmmmmm, what should I do now?

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