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Must Read: Single But Living Married (Another S*x Story) – Episode 26


Must Read: Single But Living Married (Another S*x Story) - Episode 1

She dropped the call on me the moment I said
that….i was devastated, I felt like doing
something silly but thank God I was able to
control myself. Should I swear for this girl?
Even if I didn’t say anytyn, I guess God will be
the best judge between us…………………This girl
used me for the first time and used me again
for the second time.

But this is just almost 10months she lost the
pregnancy, does dat means she never stopped
dating Yomi? So, all her PH has been in
Yomi’s house, her reason for not picking call
at night was probably cos yomi was around,
Yomi was actually the one policing her
around, so have been an assistant boyfriend
for the past five years, should I revenge?

Lemme leave revenge for God jare, even if I
didn’t curse her she had already cursed herself
so many times she swear with the bible that
no any man will ever see her unclothedness in
life, so many times she swear while we her
bleeping each other that she will never placed
her chest on another guys own again in life
except if I tell her am not doing again..

if I said mine is bad then definitely there is
someone somewhere that his/her own will be
worst than mine. I just need to pick myself up,
struggle to be something in life so that she
will be ashamed anytime our path crossed.
That was how I consoled myself and moved on
with my life, she never called after that day
and I never called her back either ever since
Our path crossed almost a year later at a bus
stop and guess what happened?

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