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Must Read: Play Boy (18+) – Season 1 Episode 4 – Stories


Gerald couldn’t get his mind off sade,he lost concentration at work even now at home he still thought of her. No girl has ever made him feel this way.

He aiint the kinda of guy that one woman ties down right from his university days. Afterall he’s got his charms and cash,he though.

remembering all that happened at the office during lunch with his guys at work.

Segun had boasted that he would sleep with the new IT girl (sade) in a month’s time. Tony had told him he was bluffing that he would have the girl first. It had all ended with the trio making it a game each dropping 50bucks. First to have the girl wins the bet.

Gerald was still thinking of strategies to aid him bed sade,when the days works took it toll on him. Soon he was fast asleep…

Sade would have to stay with bukola and her mum in their 2 bedroom apartment @ obalene since she couldn’t afford to go home everyday.

Returning to ikorodu will be too expensive and stressful bukola had reasoned. So sade had to put up with them on weekdays and go to her family on friday.

“Bukky’s mom very kind and accommodating woman she thought to herself .she sure knew she will feel at home here.

Boom! Morning came, sade rubbed her sleepy eyes
“mtcheew,short night” she screamed silently hitting a snoring bukola by her side.

“Babes wake up joor,better come and prepare for work”
Bukola being a marketing student also doing her IT with an upcoming noodles company.

She’s got much time to prepare since she doesn’t have to get to work early.

“I still have time jawe, better prepare you know you’re the one whose boss behaves weird” bukola replied her. 

“Not your fault now, na me tell you wetin happen yesterday,I will tell you another one mtcheew “. Sade said feigning

“Oya joor mabinu”
Bukola hits her playfully while sade leaves to have her bath
Minutes later sade bades bukola and her mom goodbye leaving for work.

Standing at the bus-stop,no bus in sight grumbling and fustrated,a black honda accord halts in front of her.

“Goodmorning miss”
“morning sir” Sad said trying to recollect his face but didn’t think she’d seen him before.
“You must be Sade Akinterinwa right”? Segun said to a surprised sade.

” Yes I am but how did you know my name?I don’t think we’ve met sade said looking at segun”
“My bad,I am segun, I work where you’re currently doing your IT”
Segun said flashing her his I’d card.

” Hop in let me give you a ride” he said flashing his. “mr cool” smile.

Sade accepted his offer afterall there’s no bus in sight but still she is surprised, just a day old at elephant house and this man knew her name already. How come???


“Uhmmm…everyone knows the new IT girl you know,its not everyday we get to see a fine girl”

Sad heard segun’s voice as if he read her mind,she gave a dry smile.

Soon they arrived at the premises,as segun killed the engine sade stepped out of the car. Gerald drove into the compound.

Gerald couldn’t believe his eyes seeing sade come out of segun’s car,he cursed under his breath.

His eyes and segun’s locked with segun giving him a “am one step ahead smile”. Gerald hurried to his office,”I need to fix this” he said to himself.

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