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Must Read: Omozele (18+) – Season 1 Episode 3 – Stories


I wanted to see if my instincts about you being a Lovepeddler was right. I wanted you to push yourself to me and hope that I would chase you. I wanted to make you long for my J0yst!ck inside your [email protected], your mouth or your butt0ckz – I wondered to myself if you were also an anal Sl*t as I played Trina’s Baddest B***h jam to set the club on fire gradually. As Trina sang “J0yst!ck sU-Cking comes quite natural/I’m the baddest B***h” I had a smile on my face imagining you slobbering on my J0yst!ck like you were born to sU-Ck it and I heard a voice “Hey Mr. DJ, wassup with you?”

I looked up from the turntables and it was Bisola – the F**K I had planned for the night. I was disappointed to see her but I feigned a smile and said to myself “Half a loaf of bread is better than puff-puff – if I won’t be Bleeping Omozele tonight at least I won’t be wanking to recorded videos of my past escapades”. I was surprised to see another lady hanging around like she was waiting for Bisola so I asked if they were together and Bisola pushed her forward and said “Jumoke meet the crazy TJ guy I’ve been telling you about that wants the threesome” and I smiled as it dawned on me that Bisola had finally brought someone to join us in the F**K action for that night. Two bottles of Henny to their table was to ensure they were too drunk to change their filthy minds at any point as I blasted through songs with the consolation that two pussies were going to my room with me that night.

Why am I telling you all these my dear Omozele? I am including these details in my letter to you so that you can know how that night turned out for me. I’m sure you want to hear it – you want to hear how I F***ed those two girls you nasty filthy Lovepeddler! You are a pervert you know? I am certain your [email protected] is getting wet just imagining how I F***ed Bisola and her friend Jumoke…I will indulge you as always my filthy s*x-slave but you have to put your hand on your [email protected] right now and stroke your cl!t for daddy. I know you dare not read my letter except you are in a private place because you wouldn’t want anyone to see your reaction no matter what it is. Are you in your office now my Sl*t? Hiding in the toilet…that toilet where you once confessed to me you ate a departing colleagues’ fresh Pour from a condom he had Pour inside as you watched him and masturbated for him after falsely promising to F**K him, two weeks before his resignation date…do you remember that Omo? Do you remember telling me you never F***ed any colleague but took pleasure in teasing them and making them partners in your kinky perversions?

Rumours spread you know and those must have been what Nne meant when she told me you were a good girl but she had heard…I’m digressing.

Keep touching your [email protected] you s*xy** B***h of mine as I tell you how in my mind I F***ed you that night while my J0yst!ck was inside Bisola or Jumoke’s [email protected]….
I went into the room with Bisola and her friend Jumoke shortly after 4am. Don Pedro had left Surulere earlier to join some other friends at his Chrome club on the Island along with our other friends so I had exclusive use of the Owners’ Room upstairs where we had staged so many orgies before.

Bisola was of average height, dark-skinned, big-breasted with prorportional butt0ckz and lips that were made to sU-Ck Pour out of any J0yst!ck except mine. She had been my regular F**K for two weeks since I met her in the same Bar 38. Jumoke was much shorter than Bisola but heavily built enough to have her hair cut like a dude and not mistaken for one. She had several ear-piercings and wore a simply jeans and t-shirt. They were both too drunk to change their minds and drunk enough in fact for them to put on a show as soon as we stepped into the room that made me realise Bisola was really bisexual as she claimed which had made me propose a threesome. They both stepped into the bathroom to shower together while I got a bottle of water from the bedside fridge and lit a stick of Benson. I hadn’t had alcohol after the vodka bottle I’d shared with Pedro and the guys earlier on – as you now know, I like to F**K with my natural prowess to gauge my own performance.
Giggles from the shower told me I must be missing out on some early fun so I made my way to the bathroom with my J0yst!ck rising slowly in anticipation. Do I need to describe my J0yst!ck for you Omo even though I know you now know it so well? Do you remember how big and swollen the head gets when I am horny? I never measured it because I believe more in stamina and skill but I have been told by some girls in the past that it is big (I think they lied).
As I opened the bathroom door, I saw Jumoke under the shower raising herself up on her toes to rub her body against Bisola who was trying to wear a shower cap to protect her hair from water. The sight of those four b0s0m squishing and mashing up against each other got my J0yst!ck at attention as I stripped my clothes. Bisola’s b0s0m were dangling in Jumoke’s face and she sU-Cked on those Tips so hungrily like a baby needing motherly milk. Bisola’s reaction was a guttural one and I wondered who needed the sU-Cking more between both of them.
When Bisola turned her back towards Jumoke and bent over, she saw me and smiled as she parted her legs for Jumoke to minister to her [email protected] Jumoke saw me too at that moment, standing Unclad with my hard J0yst!ck staring at the sight before me. I saw Bisola close her eyes then gasp and I wondered how many fingers Jumoke had pushed into her [email protected] opened her eyes again and I held my J0yst!ck firmly, stroking it gently.

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