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Must Read: Omozele (18+) – Season 1 Episode 2 – Stories


Your eyes Omozele were the most revealing part of you that night. See, I’m not only a s*x freak but I also study people. From the moment I saw you, I knew you were a submissive Lovepeddler whose body was only good to be used as a cumdump. Your entire carriage was screaming “Somebody please F**K me” and everyone could hear it loud and clear but only me that night could hear the other part of your message “…Only if you would take me and use me as a fu-Cktoy”.

I can’t explain how I knew it but I just knew. I guess it’s because I am just like you – a freak who loves to F**K and doesn’t give a hoot what anyone thinks except that societal bonds are to be respected since we have lives to live and we hadn’t attained the eccentric status needed to live like true libertines. I think you knew I knew too because despite Don Pedro trying to slide his way into your [email protected] and put one over me as he was always trying to do while you flirted with him and some of our other friends with us politely, you always reserved specific leading questions for me. I wanted you too badly, not because I was starved of [email protected] (I had one on her way to join me at Bar 38 that night in fact) but because I cannot resist a freak in a world where true freaks are so hard to find. I could pay for pussies and get them to be wild but the feeling of a lady being a Sl*t for me simply because she wants to be and can be no other way has always been the apogee of my S#xual quest. I tried to chat with Nne as we sipped our Vodka but one ear was permanently cocked to your convo with Pedro waiting for an opening to jump in and join the discourse as you sipped your coca-cola diluted vodka. When you’d said “I don’t want to get drunk and misbehave”, I took it as another sign that you didn’t want your inner Sl*t to be revealed and I wondered how many times you had allowed yourself to be F***ed in the male toilet of some other club – how many times you had allowed a man to finger you on the jampacked dance floor – how many times you had allowed your b0s0m to be fondled as you danced – how many times you had fantasised about a long line of men all waiting to have their turn in Bleeping your cumfilled [email protected] – how many times…




“TJ oooooo! Omo is asking you a question! Wetin you dey think sef?” and I broke out of a revelry I never knew I had gone into.

“Nothing jare Nne” I laughed as I snapped out of it “what was your question please Omozele? I was thinking of the song combination I want to start with tonight, I’m sorry.”

“No problem TJ, I only wanted to meet you so we can fix a time for you to meet me and Yusuf so we won’t be strangers to you on our wedding day as the MC.”

?“Oh ok” I managed to reply as I remembered you were supposed to be my client “we can meet some time next week. Your fiancé is a Muslim?” I asked.

“No,” you answered with a laugh that made it obvious the question was one you were used to “He is from Agenebode in Edo State where Yusuf is not an uncommon name”.

“Oh ok” I answered and eager to ignore Yusuf in this conversation I asked “and you are from where? I find your name intriguing…” as I let my question linger, knowing you would pick up the bait.




“I’m also from Edo State” you replied with your tongue sliding into the rim of your glass cup as you took a sip of your drink.

“Ah, she is from my place” Don Pedro interjected and took over the conversation while I turned back to Nne. I grimaced as I heard him boast of his lineage ostensibly to see if you would know some of his folks and again when he mentioned to you that Bar 38 was his mainland club and that he had another club called Chrome on Adetokunbo Ademola street on the Island.

Soon, it was 11pm, time for me to take over the music for the next two hours. I stood up to go and Nne also stood to spend few minutes with me in the DJ booth before she left. We shook hands and I asked you to collect my number from Nne so we could set a meeting up since you both insisted on not clubbing the night with us.

I nev



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