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Must Read: The Lost Key – Season 1 Episode 8 – Stories


I quickly informed Ada and John that daddy wanted to see them and hastily entered my room. I felt really bad. I almost
hated my dad. Why must he be so mean? I had often heard most of my friends talk about their dad at school. I even see how
they related with their parents when they come to pick them from school. Most of them weren’t as rich as we were. But
they were much happier.

My own home was filled with nothing but constant quarreling. Nobody was ever happy with anybody. Dad was a stranger to us
all and I never get to hang out and do anything meaningful with my sister. She didn’t care about anybody in the house, in
fact she didn’t want anybody to know anything about her so she was always in her room, making and answering calls like
the calls were the only thing that made her happy when at home. She never laughed with anybody at home, not even me, her
only and little sister. My mum was so withdrawn that you hardly get her to tell you anything interesting. She was just a
woman of her own world. John was just strange. As the days went by, he transformed into a dangerous person. Something was
just bothering him. He was learning to be somebody he wasn’t comfortable with.

I had never seen my mum and dad share happy moments together. The few times they talk you find them answering each other
in monosyllabic replies and when they talk long it was always when dad was in his squabbling mood. He barks at mum and
continuously complains at any little thing he feels she had not done right.

I wished I could ask God for another family.

I got tired of just lying down doing nothing, so I decided to read my book like dad had suggested. While searching for

the book to read, I thought I heard the metallic sound of keys. I quickly searched through my bad and behold, in between
my homework note book was the key everybody was looking for.



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