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Mum was angry, she was also sad. She was angry at dad and somehow at herself. Where was all the love she used to share
with dad? What made her allow her children to outgrow her? How had she allowed her family to come to such ruin?

She felt bad. She had, for a long time, been unhappy at the way dad had always treated her and she had allowed it to
affect her relationship with her children. Now Ada was pregnant and John was indulging in undesirable behaviors at a
very young age. She had, in her selfish desire for love from dad, allowed them to wonder off on their own like sheep
without a Sheppard. How many months pregnant was Ada? Her kids were too young to indulge in sex and she was scared that they could easily contact HIV virus because of their young inexperienced mind. This wasn’t the type of home she had
intended keeping when she was getting married to dad.

And dad was not making all these easy for her. She wasn’t sure she could continue to handle him if he continued like
this. To her, dad had completely changed from the man she married. He used to be a loving husband who cherished and
showed her love. He was soft but hardworking. She had seen in him a go-getter and had known that he would never allow
her lack anything. But such neglect in recent time was not what she bargained for. It all started when he started
aspiring to be the manager of Dew Luck Nigeria Limited. The news of his promotion had been followed by a joyful
celebration, but little had she known that that was a curse that was about to befall on her and her kids.

But what was she going to do now? She was thinking. Was she going to continue avoiding her responsibilities? How long was she going to wait for dad to change? But was she being fair to dad? Wasn’t the man working hard enough? Hadn’t she
also been selfish?

Well, she must do something about her kids, she resolved. If dad thinks he has no extra role to play apart from
financing the home, than that was his business. She was going to concentrate all her energy on her kids from now on.


I was getting hungry again. But there was a more serious matter at hand. How do I reveal the fact that I was with the
exit door key? I was angry with myself for unconsciously putting myself in the middle of the whole day’s crisis.

Yet I didn’t know when sleep over took my consciousness and I found myself in dreamland.

To Be Continued….

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