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Must Read: The Lost Key- Season 1 Episode 13 – Stories


Ada sat on the stool in her room, very close to her dressing table. She was crying. She felt dirty and cheap. She had
never taken time to reflect on her behavior lately. Of course she had no reason to. She had been carried away by the
wind, the wind of pleasure and fun.

Ada remembered the first day she met Mike. She had thought he was a 300 level student and he had helped her when she was
having difficulty with her registration especially during her online registration at the business center that was in the
school environment. Mark had appeared and saved her from a lot of embarrassment.

He seemed to know a lot about the school environment and how to handle any issue. He was there for her when she
misplaced her receipt and he helped her in getting familiar with the school environment. She liked the way the seemed to
take charge of his environment, hence she saw him as dependable. She had always wanted to have somebody she could look
up to. Someone who could make her feel secured. Best of all he had proclaimed his love for her. This was something she
had always yearned for, to be loved.

She had already fallen deep in love with Mike when she discovered that he wasn’t really a student. He was one of the
‘problem’ students, students who were given indefinite suspension because of some cult activities. Ada couldn’t leave
him even with this development. She didn’t think she would get anybody who could love her the way Mike did, she could do
anything for him.

Then the demand for money and attention started. He would want her to stay with him not minding that she would miss her lectures. He would ask for money and threaten to leave her if she didn’t bring it. She couldn’t just leave the love of
her life so she would ensure that she met his never ending demands. She knew he was a wrong company for her, but the
experience of feeling wanted was all that really mattered.

Mike was not the first guy to introduce her to sex. She had had it with a boy who had professed love just after Ada had
written her WAEC. But he had broken her heart right after she had given in to his demand to for sex. That was the
beginning of the feeling of emptiness somewhere within her. She had nobody to talk to even before and after she the sex.
There was nobody to help her build herself worth.

But Mike made her feel important. He took her to parties. Introduced her to his friends and they all accepted her. She
felt he was worth missing lectures for.

Now she felt scared and for the first time in a long time she allowed her mind to actively wonder if her relationship
with Mike was doing her any good. She seemed like a lost person who didn’t know where she was heading to. She had seemed
to have forgetting why she entered higher institution in the first place.

She might have had no close relationship with mum and dad but she sure needed them for survival. Getting them mad had
never been her intention and now dad was threatening to send her away. That was scary. She never knew home was
important; she had always detested it.

The thought of being pregnant was even scarier. She was late and this was the third day. She didn’t know what Mike would
do if he realizes that she was carrying his baby; somehow Ada was sure that he would deny her. What would she do? Who
will she go to? What will become of her?



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