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“How can you feel no remorse? I can’t believe you and your children have the guts to talk like this. Do know how it hurts
to realize that my family takes all my sacrifice for granted?”

“Our children! They are not my children, they are ours. You are not a stranger in this house. This is your house and I am
your wife and those are you children! Perhaps you have forgotten. I believe part of this is my fault, but you also have
part of the blame. You cannot run your home like it is a business organization. I alone cannot handle these growing
children, we all need you! Stop blaming me for once!”

Dad made and ‘unbelievable’ gesture, “What do you expect me to do? Sit down here with you to train the children so that
you can remind me of how my mates are working hard? Is this what I get for all my hard work in ensuring that this family
is catered for? Can’t anyone in this how show appreciation?

Please tell me Mr. Manager, what is the need of working so hard for the family when you can’t be there for them!!” Mum
was obviously tried so hard. “Having the perfect family involves more than money. Money will not speak to the kids when
they need someone to talk to and guide them!!”

“And that is why you are here. Tell me, what exactly is your function as a mother? Just accept it, you have failed. Under
your nose these children have become delinquents, but instead of accepting the blame, you blame me!!” Dad was already
shaking in anger; there is little wonder why this argument had not gotten physical. “All my effort, to have a stable
family have been in vain all because I married an incompetent wife! Do you realize that I have no social life for myself

just because of you all?”

“It is always all about you right? You worked hard, you give your all blah blah blah, but can you be honest to yourself?
Are you not working real hard just for the selfish reason of climbing up the ladder of success? It has little of nothing
to do with your family. Besides, what do you call social life when you don’t share anything with your family?” It was
obvious that mum was all out for dad today.

“Is that how you see it?” Dad reflectively asked and quickly dodged from that line of argument, somehow he knew if he
pondered hard over the statement mum just made, he would realize she was saying the truth. “Do you realize that I have
just spent not more than 3hrs from when I woke with the family and I have discovered a whole lot of things that you don’t
know about the children?”

“Yes, therefore spend more time with the family, perhaps it will help curb down all these antisocial behavior in them.
How can you use your work as an excuse not to be with your family? Do you realize that for a long time now, this is the
longest conversation we have had even though it is full of arguments? You have succeeded in relegating me to the
background with your fastidious attitude yet you blame me for everything.” Mum was still angry but her tone was lower.”

“You can try as much as possible try to shift the blame but I see all these as your fault. It pains me that you don’t see
it that way, which means there is no hope for this family. You must accept responsibility for whatever is going on at
home, that is why you are the mother here.” Dad replied stubbornly. “Just imagine my children behaving like rebels, I
will never take this in this house, not after all my efforts, never!!” with that, he stormed out of the bedroom, into his

Mum watched him leave; she had already decided not to reply him again. If he had chosen to continue being stubborn and
blaming her that was his problem. She will continue being the part time mother she had always being just as long as her
husband continues not to play his part as a father. She will not kill herself for anybody, not even her kids.

She went straight to the bed and lay down.

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