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After dad collected Ada’s cell phone from her, I came out of my room and headed straight for the kitchen. I was glad
Ada’s cell phone had been taken away from her. She was always on the call even at odd hours of the day. Her world was b
beginning to revolve around it.

I got to the kitchen, open the fridge and was glad to see that the loaf of bread I had yesterday was still remaining. I
warmed hot water and made tea for myself. I entered the sitting room and switched on the television. I waited for the
DSTV to finish loading, selected Disney channel and allowed the show to feed my eyes, while I fed my mouth. I had not
watched for more than ten minutes when dad came into the sitting room. His bloodshot eyes starred at me angrily.

I instantly regretted why I came into the sitting room. I remembered he had collected Ada’s cell phone because it made
her act like she was ignorant or insensitive to the situation at home. Now I have allowed myself to fall into the same

“What’s that? Will you switch of that television and go into your room? Are you not supposed to be in school? You can’t
be reasonable enough to know that you are supposed to spend the most part of this morning studying your books.” He
stopped and continued to stare at me with disgust.

I hurriedly turned the TV off and headed straight for my room.

“Call Ada and John for me.” His angry voice said to my back.

I hated the day with all my life.

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