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I was already bored and tired of staying in my room. I never enjoyed staying at home, it is even worse with dad at home.
If I were at school now, I would have been around my friends or be busy learning. It would have sure been better than
being at home with dad harassing everybody. What a Monday.

It was almost 9.30am and nobody was talking about breakfast, I was getting hungry. I decided that I must go out into the
kitchen and get myself something to eat. We mustn’t deny ourselves of something to eat because of a missing key, I was
sure that even dad would understand.

I stood up from my bed and walked towards the door. I could hear Ada’s voice from her bedroom even though John’s bedroom
separated hers and mine. I was sure she was talking to her good for nothing boyfriend. The thought of Mike always made me

Dad was just coming out of John’s bedroom, so I waited. The best thing anyone should do today was to avoid him as much as


Ada was busy enjoying her call that she didn’t notice that dad was in John’s bedroom. Or maybe she noticed but didn’t
think she would allow it spoil her fun.

Dad was just coming out of John’s bedroom. He was already dazed with the realization that his little son was already
smoking and having sex and indulging in all sort of juvenile delinquencies. He had never seen his son from that angle. He
never thought that there was a possibility that John, who was still a kid, would be doing these things. He was both
unhappy and angry.

He heard Ada’s laughter from the corridor that led to the three rooms. The sound even angered him the more. He felt his
children were feeling unconcerned that he was in the brink of losing his job because of the household’s carelessness. He
thought everybody’s behavior was arrogant. He felt he had been working his butt off, denying himself the pleasure of
relaxation for his household who didn’t care or bother to show concern that he could lose all he had ever worked for
because of someone’s carelessness. Meanwhile John had even made matter worse.

He angrily worked towards Ada’s room and opened the door. I was sure that this was the first time he was entering her room.

Ada was surprised to see him at her door. He was the last person she expected to ever come to her room. She quickly
dropped the phone from her ear as the wide smile on her face turned to fear.

“Look at you, behaving like someone who has no training. You think you are in the jungle where people behave anyhow.
Perhaps I should join you and laugh and rejoice that the key to the exit door is missing and I might be in serious trouble
in my office.”

She remained silent and continued to look at him in fear.

“Give me that cell phone. Give it to me.” He authoritatively ordered. She quickly handed the phone to him and he collected
it and headed for his room.

Mum was lying on the bed when he entered. He didn’t care if she was asleep or not.

“Did your son also tell you that he now smokes and have sex all over town with women? Did he discuss with you how he
misses classes and is surely going to repeat class?”

Mum was startled. At first she didn’t understand what he was talking about, “I don’t understand what you are saying.”

How can you understand? I have come to notice that you don’t understand anything.”

“Can you just relax and talk to me for once? I am yet to make out what you are saying with you displaying all these

“I will display anything I want to. I don’t know how you expect me to react upon the realization that my little son has
started smoking and missing classes right under your very nose. How am I sure that he has not started taking hard drugs
and mingling with criminals?” he was getting more furious and obviously now very prepared to face it out mum.

“What do you mean by under my nose? Am I supposed to attach myself to him and follow him everywhere he goes?”

“Woman, you have no excuse whatsoever for John’s behavior. While I work hard and deny myself all the pleasures of life,
the best thing I expect from you is to ensure that our children are…” his cell phone rang. He stopped and looked at the
caller ID. It was his secretary. The call got him angrier. Office matters can wait, especially with the new development
about John’s behavior.

He picked the call, “Blessing, I am in the middle of something, I will call you back later.”

“But the CEO asked me to…”

“I said I will call you back later!!” he barked into the phone and cut the line.

Mum was just staring at him. The information he had just brought about John was a real shocker to her. How could she have
missed noticing anything strange in her son’s behavior recently? John was just fifteen for goodness sake, how could he be
drinking, having sex and missing classes? Where does he spend his days when he misses his classes? Again she wondered if
dad knew what he was talking about.

“But how could John be smoking?” she asked.

“You can ask me that foolish question again. Look, I will not take this in this house, I will not…” the cell phone in his
left hand vibrated. He looked at it, in his anger he had forgotten that he was holding Ada’s cell phone. “Look at this,
all your daughter does is waste her whole day on her cell phone, I wonder if she finds time to read her books.”
Immediately he finished, the phone vibrated again.

He instinctively checked through the cell phone and stopped short.

It read: My angel, rmber we’ll spend d whole day 2day. I’ve a lot of 1derful stuff I’ll do 2 ur body, jst d way u like it.
Pls come wit d mony. Patiently waitin. Love.

The sender’s ID was Mike.

With shaky hands he read the first text message that came in before the one he just read. It was a message from Vicky.

It read: if u tink u r pregnant, den we must do somtin about it. We have to talk to Mike immediately.

Dad’s heart started to beat faster, he hands began to tremble. When he looked up at mum, his eyes where bloodshot, the
vein on his forehead was visible. Mum knew instantly that this wasn’t just anger, it was rage.

“Look at what your daughter is doing,” he muttered slowly through his clenched teeth. “Ada is pregnant.

His cell phone rang again, he looked at the caller ID and it was his boss. He angrily picked the call.

“I am very sorry I can’t make it to the office as soon as I thought. In fact, we will see tomorrow.”

“What is wrong with you Mr. Ikedia? What is happening? You have left everybody here hanging, I am really embarrassed, you
know I don’t condone such behavior. If there is a problem why didn’t u call and give us…”

“I said that I will see you tomorrow sir and explain things to you, thank you.” Dad cut the line and switched off his cell

To Be Continued…

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