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Must Read: Bra Boi (18+)… [Completed] – Season 1 Episode 9


Meanwhile I had nicely packaged the new bra and another two she equally picked and returned to the cashier’s desk where I waited for her. When she appeared, she dropped the notes on the desk and on counting it, found out she had dropped nearly double of what was required.

“Keep the rest Bra boy…” she quickly explained, giving me a brief smile, “I will be back tomorrow or next for new ones. Same time.”

I smiled to myself on hearing that, knowing that no one buys new brassieres everyday.

I thanked her anyways, and quickly did the rest that was required before handing her her new purchase. I wished I could ask her for her number but didn’t know how to and since she didn’t bother to bring it up, I chose to ignore it.

Ironically, it only took about three minutes after she had left the shop before I would hear Chime’s car horn. How he bothered coming back again surprised me. Thankfully, it was easy to explain to him that I had a late costumer whose rather annoying indecisions kept us up to that moment!

I didn’t know how lucky I was though with that blatant lie, until I met the said lady-customer’s bra on the cubicle floor the next morning!! Goodness knows what brother would have thought about it! And you know what? She returned the next afternoon for it! And specifically asked for the Bra Boi…who unfortunately was in class, at school!

***The End***

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