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Must Read: Bra Boi (18+)… [Completed] – Season 1 Episode 2


f all my times and visits to my brother’s shop, I had never seen or met her before. She was evidently Ijaw given she was making a call in her dialect when she stepped in. She was very plump and a bit obese. And about the same height as myself; I am not exactly tall at 5’5″, so she wasn’t tall. But she was beautiful.

Openly so, with well defined cheekbones that gave her face a peculiar attraction to it. This was so despite her looking early-forty and with a lot of flesh. I also noticed her hair was likely natural and the length was only going to always surprise given it comfortably reached her mid-back! Anyways, it wasn’t until she entirely faced me, that I got to know she had even more about herself than I had seen! Her b0s0m were in simple words, mouth-watering!

And they just sat on her chest like two succulent large melons! They weren’t just huge but equally broad and heavy-looking! In fact, when I finally did let my eyes tear away from the heaving mammarries to look down her legs, I noticed that the outrageous nature of her breasts had also caused her gown to climb higher up her thighs, than it should normally do! Before she would walk round the circular shelf just after the door, and then approach me, I had already been presented a glorious view of her legs, up into her mid-thighs! They were all exposed, unforgiving! However, what Id didn’t notice still, was that she had her eyes on me as well, and when I finally looked up, our eyes met, before quickly looking our separate ways!

She would eventually tell me she wanted to shop for JJ-size brassieres! A size just a few women only asked for. She was undeniably busty and I found it hard painting any perfect picture of how big she was, under her gown!

Ordinarily, I have never been the one to want to openly flirt with women, let alone when the lady is one who was likely nearly double my age; I was just 24. So as I wished and fantasized about her with a section of my head, I still remained focused knowing she was my brother’s costumer, thus dumping all the crazy fantasies to the side! After helping her make some selections, I pointed her to the changing cubicle where she could try out the new collection facing a mirror. She barely spent a full minute in there though, before asking me to come help her unhook a tough one so that she can try it out too. And that I should also get her a bigger mirror on my way. I was on the doors already and needed to close down for the evening. But as soon as I was done with that, I began walking up to the cubicle.

“I am still waiting bros.” called the woman again for the umpteenth time! I was already becoming peeved now.

Of course, I didn’t answer her again, as I was just a few distance from the door. On getting to it, I swung it open.

“Ehee…” she just begun saying on noticing me, “Please help me unhook these two, they seem too tight.” she was handing me the said brassieres but goodness knows I had no eye on what she was giving me because I was totally blown away by something else instead!

For right before me stood the woman, with just her bra and [email protected] on! The gown she was wearing earlier on, was now hung over a chair at the corner of the cubicle! The fact that she behaved as though everything was still in the most normal of states, was equally just mindboggling!

“Did you hear me bros?” was her next question, bringing me to tear my eyes away from her glorious boobies which looked like they would overflow the cups of her admittedly undersized bra!

“Yea…yes ma” was my reply as I picked up the brassieres and began unhooking them. All the while, I ogled her beautiful body, starting from her [email protected] butt0ckz which was facing me now, down to her thick fleshy thighs and then her legs! They were so tempting, and I wished I could just grab them with my itchy hands!

Unfortunately though, I was soon through with the brassieres and had to leave after giving them back to her. But then, the images of the lady’s luscious b0s0m and butt0ckz, wouldn’t leave my head, despite walking out of the cubicle!

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