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Must Read: How I Became An Addict [Completed] – Season 1 Episode 9


Must Read: How I Became An Addict [Completed] - Season 1 Episode 1

All the rooms has been booked…i asked what
we were gonna do now, he looked up and
down, omo i nor get option than to bring her
come house oooo….all eyes on me na….lol…

Well he went and picked her up from the park…
and straight to his house, by then i have left so
that our game wont cast… i left him and 20
mins later he called me that she is in the
bathroom taking her bath…my guy don dey
warm up for the league to commence lol, he
called me after 1 hour that he’s done with the
first round…it was obvious i wasn’t happy, “why
zaza go first me Bleep this lady now…person
wey i gave control don first me chop?” but no
wahala sha….na so e dey be, i said.

She left 1st thing the next morning, when i and
zaza saw each other we started laughing…told
me how he bleeped her and the way she was
pushing him when he goes too hard…and how
her yansh was big and shaking when he was
giving her from behind.. “mehn i don dey
remember how i Bleep her J0yst!ck don
dey charge again”.

Anyways since then i have been planing all the
stategies to Bleep idy but all to no avail because
it seems she’s always busy with family matters
and believe me the distance was much.

One sunday like that….i didn’t even expect
it..though i called her earlier that day and she
told me she would be travelling to Uyo for
somethings, i said okay i didn’t care asking her
anything about how her journey was gonna be.

Zaza’s parents were doing marriage blessing/

anniversary that sunday, so i was there helping
zaza too….at about 8:30pm she called me and
asked where i was, i told her and she asked if i
could come to uyo that night, that she lodged
somewhere there…i looked up and down…by
this time? Isn’t it risky?…but i thought to myself
“mehn if you nor fuccck this lady today, you fit
nor Bleep her again oooo”. But i dey go work
tomorrow now, when i go con come back from
Uyo to resume work..

Without telling zaza…i escaped and took the risk
of travelling that night, i went to almost all the
park i knew in ph but non was going…i got to
another pack and i saw a guy loading Uyo…i
was the only person going to uyo and a couple
with their little son. I believe the guy must get
to uyo that night because of what he is going
for the next morning, if not, am not sure he
would have embarked on that journey..

Thank God the guy gree oooo….he said uyo na
2,500 ooo….omo i nor mind….just take me to
uyo sharp sharp…. When i got to the park i
called her and she told me the name of the
hotel she lodged. I told her to come pick me
up….she was already waiting for me at the park,
i saw her she was damn matured and looking
pretty, fair in complexion….i was like…see

When we got to the room, she has already
gotten dinner, she asked what i was gonna
drink, i told her to send for small stout because
i needed it even when i knew i dont drink.

I took just half bottle before going to the
shower….i took my shower and came back, she
has changed to a wrapper, i cleaned up and
went straight to her while she was seated, i
stood behind her, i started manipulation her
back softly, runing my fingers all over her back
and body, she closed her eyes and believe me
brother…she was shivering…omo fear been won
catch me, i say i be this one na ogbaje? But as a
sharp guy i know say na me dey do ham…na
me won make convulsion hold her.

I didn’t stop mehn…i went to her front and
knelt down…took her toes into my mouth and i
was teasing them, she was lost and m0an!ng
with her eyes closed. “I needed to show her
that man pass man, i nor be zaza…i be williams
“aka Bunu Master” as my friends call me… i
licked her from her toes to her laps, mehn she
dey shake like jelly fish and she don wet insider
her [email protected]

I led her to the bed…she removed her rapper
and damn….my head wan tear….her yansh nor
be here…yellow yansh…wey no get mark, i
started kissing her, and mehn she was m0an!ng
heavily and couldn’t wait for me to devour her
but i have not started dowm madam.

I started sU-Cking her b0s0m and i tasted
something like milk coming outof her b0s0m,
immediately i paused and went straight to her
pusssy…i started sU-Cking her femalecore….she
was shaking bros…i could see her pushing her
Kitty-Cat harder to my mouth…saying abeg
sU-Ck me…i continued eating the Kitty-Cat,
because i realized i wasn’t sU-Cking her again…
she was screaming and talking but it wasn’t
audible so i couldnt hear what she was saying
but for sure she was saying something. In less
than 1 minute she was screaming and push my
head dipper into her pusssy…i felt something
salty mehn and damn it tasted salty and kinda
sweet…do you know how it tastes? Well try to
make a woman Pour in your mouth, it is a great
feelings and experience, she Pour into my
mouth brother? “that was the first time i tasted
a female’s Pour”.
“if you are a man, married or engaged and you
have a wife, please try as much as possible to
sU-Ck and eat her Kitty-Cat before s*x, there is
power in sU-Cking her pusssy…. Bet me she
would never cheat on you except if she’s
having a spiritual problem or has the spirit of
cheating in her blood…, she would always
respect you.most women are shy to say it…
most married men make this mistake alot…they
sU-Ck their wives when they were still in
courtship and dating but they stop doing that
immediately they get married….why she nor go
cheat…when she don see another bobo dey
chop her toto like indomie.” Am talking out of
alot of experience.

Well back to the story, I was happy and said to
myself Idy, this is just the beginning….i didn’t
wait for her to rest as i inserted my J0yst!ck inside
her wet Kitty-Cat, and damn it was still very
tight and she screamed hmmmmmm…i could
feel it brother..i started bleeping her real
hard….i was hitting the Kitty-Cat and it was
sweeting me, those it mean this woman hasn’t
been bleeping for years? Still thinking why her
Kitty-Cat was tight, abi she don use alom wash
her pusssy before embarking on her journey ni?

Omo i bleeped her to the extent she started
begging me to Pour that she was tired, i nor
gree oooo…..i continued bleeping her…i raised
both of her legs on my shoulder…i was giving
her…she was m0an!ng and hitting me…she
loved it…. “we learn everyday sha….but me don
be master now…i don graduate…i wish i knew
this my finishing skills then, i for kill her the
more… (robbing her cl!t, sU-Cking her b0s0m and
bleeping her at the same time….she for run
enter market) omo nor use me play oooo when
it comes to bleeping oooo….i go Bleep ogbanje
commot for your body if you be one of them.

Back to the story…she was now holding me,
piercing her fingers on my body and screaming
louder…i believe say people wey lodge for the
next room dey hear the sound because it was
so high that the voice from the tv couldn’t stop
it….she Pour and was breathing heavily and
lying helplessly on the bed. “mind you i haven’t
still Pour.

I allowed her to rest for some minutes and i
started romancing her again,… because i know
her weak point…i started sU-Cking and eating
her Kitty-Cat again, “no wonder joyce no won
gee leave me” she became wet again…i asked
her whats her favourite style and she told me
“from the back”… i placed a pillow on the bed
and rested her chest on it as i started
fu-Ckinggg her from behind, i was bleeping and
hitting her butt0ckz at interval…she was screaming
and scattering her head left and right….i held
her waist bone joint firmly so that she wouldn’t
shift from the strokes of my dicccck….she was
screaming hmmmmmm…..aarrrhhhhhhh….her
breath siezing at interval.

I started giving her, she wanted shifting several
times but i didn’t allow her…nor give her a
breathing space…it seems it was very hot on
her and immediately she squirtted all over me…
saying williams you;ve killed meeee
ooooo…..why you doing this to mee….. i love
you ooooo…..

When i heard that….it unlocked all the
pleasures in my spines and immediately i came
and wow it was wonderful mehn…Kitty-Cat pass
pusssy joor…

After about 10 minutes i started romancing her
again…she said you won kill me? I said sorry
ooooo but me i nor dey tire oooo…..i bleeped
her till 3:30 – 4:00am we didn’t even sleep.

The next morning…omo my prick cap red and
he con dey pepper me because of her tight
pusssy…nor be small Bleep oooo…she con dey
laugh me..say she no beg me to stop?….but the
pussssy too sweet now….wetin i go do?

Till we lost contact, na machine she dey call

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