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Must Read: How I Became An Addict [Completed] – Season 1 Episode 19


Must Read: How I Became An Addict [Completed] - Season 1 Episode 1

Sophia is a very pretty girl with big butt0ckz like that of the X-rated stars…she’s from warri and of course i knew she would know how to do the thing, i went to one hotel like that with my friends to have a good time, i saw Sophia sitting alone first with a guy i suppose to her boyfriend, she was staring at me like she knew me somewhere before, i locked up and concentrated with my friend, after sometimes i saw her alone, i went to sit with her and we a conversation, like she said she came to check on her boyfriend in town and the guy lodged her in the hotel.
i was happy to see her and she was already in love and would look at me in a lustful way…and sometimes remove her face and react like she’s cool…..i realized she liked me and i started telling her how charming she is and beautiful she was…of course this gingers the brain of the female folks…we exchanged cellphone numbers, i left that night and i called her when i got home, and i told her i couldn’t sleep because i was thinking about her (NA WASH).

The spoke for a long time she told me to come around and see her the next day, that she would call me when the boyfriend is in with her, she called when i was at work to know if i could make it to her place that night, i told her i would call when am coming,i got to the hotel again that night and she told me her room number, i went in, she gave me a huge and a wet peck.

I was like wow….you must be romantic, i was staring at her big buttock and damn….it was charming and would make one not concentrate, she even caught me staring at her and asked if i love what she’s wearing, i told her yeah… she sat on the bed and i did too…i began playing some rough matured play with her…i would tease her by pulling her nose and she would laugh and hit me softly….the next thing i knew was we started kissing just like that…..we kissed to the extent that she started breathing very fast and her eyes shut and were read when she opened em…i loved it.

I started in again and this time i located her Tips and they were already erect…i began to rob it slowly/consistently…she started m0an!ng softly like a little baby….

She loved it and pressed my head…whispering into my ear to sU-Ck her very well….she was robbing my head…i removed her cloths and i started robbing her cl!t and at thesame time sU-Cking her b0s0m….she was m0an!ng and closing her legs against my finger…i gradually went down, and gave her the head of her life and she’ll never forget it…i started licking her cl!t…i took my time on her….would lick…deep my tongue inside of her and Bleep tongue her….she was m0an!ng and screaming…u wanna kill me?.

I nor even answer her….in less than 20mins….she nearly kill me….she closed her head against my head….dey swing ham….by now i knew she wanna Pour…and i started tongue bleeping her real hard and faster…she cam and its time for mine…..i started by robbing my fully erected J0yst!ck against her Kitty-Cat…just to stimulate it….i started bleeping her slowly…would twist and penetrate deeper making sure my J0yst!ck touches the egg….its a turn on to the female folks believe me.
she closed her eyes and her mouth slightly opened while i Bleep her….she was rolling on the bed because of the pressure…i wanted her to enjoy it more….so i used the 3 in 1 formula…i supported my it with robbing her femalecore….robbed my finger on my J0yst!ck….so lubricate my finger with my juice..i began to rob her cl!t and sU-Cking her b0s0m….while i Bleep her….she was mad…she began to pierce me with her fingers and scattering my rough curl….baby i love it….who taught you how to do this……why are you doing this to me?….will you come each time i call you….you’re killing me.

Her Kitty-Cat began to grib my J0yst!ck….by now i knew its time for her to Pour…when i bring my J0yst!ck out…it gribs it and very tight when i wanna go in back….mehn my head scatter oooooo….and i wanna Pour…but it’s not gonna be a good one Approaching before her…so i used one of my “Delay expulsion tech”. in less than 10 strokes….she began to draw the beds hit and pulling the foam…as if someone is cutting off her head…she was breathing faster and jerking seriously to my strokes…

she came and i didn’t want it to stop like that….i told her to gimme from the back… her yansh wan make me Pour without my J0yst!ck in it….omo dey girl sabi position her yansh nor be small…..i began to Bleep her through the back….one of my legs on the bed and i created space between my legs in a way that i can still stimulate her cl!t from behind which i did….and she was rolling her butt0ckz strongly towards my J0yst!ck wall….i was touching every part of the inner Kitty-Cat….she told me to Bleep her like a dog…..i started hitting her butt0ckz with my left hand while the other is stimulating her femalecore….omo this babe wan mad…..she started calling me machine….she doesn’t need to tell me because me i know say i be machine..

Omo before i knew it….i felt a very hot and nice odourless liquid on ma body…she had just squitted for me…….she fell on the bed and i followed her bumper to bumper and i continue bleeping and i was faster this time….her Kitty-Cat began to make some funny noise….guffing i guess…

she begged me to Pour….and i came after 1 mins.

****THE END****

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  1. Christy chinwe

    September 22, 2018 at 3:29 pm

    Na WA, Na real wa

  2. Vivian Johnson

    October 2, 2018 at 11:57 am

    Na to only bleep dis guy sabi….na wa oooo

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