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Home Alone Reloaded (18+) [Completed] – Season 1 Episode 4


Me: don’t tell me you are still scared of the BEAST.

Amaka: am not, only that it hurts a lot anytime you try putting more than half the total length in me.

I just sighed. Honestly none of my girlfriends and s-x mates could do better. That’s the reason why I do visit brothel sometimes. There was a time I [email protected] this particular runs girl and she enjoyed it to an extent I was given a free ride.

Me: ok, I won’t put all the length you in you…

Amaka: promise?

Me: yes.

She spread her legs wide for me and I postioned the tip of the BEAST In her punani. Rubbed it around her punani to get it moist, I t—-t it inside of her and she gasped.

Her p—y expanded as it tried its best, tightening its walls and milking the BEAST. Oh my poor BEAST, if my BEAST and her punani were to be alive, then her punani would have strangled my best to death.

I moved inch by inch till I got to the end of her p—y wall. I looked down and smiled.

Me: welldone, you have successfully taken more than half the length.

Amaka: *with eyes shut* I told you I’d take all one day, practice makes more perfect.

I smiled and started thrusting into her little by little, when I saw that she has gotten used to my d–k inside of her, I started banging her really really hard.

Amaka: ouchhh! Ouchhh!!!! Eeasyyyyy!!! Ouchhh! U rr hitting myyyy womb!!!!!

She m0aned and shouted as her first wave of o—-m took her under massive shock. Still maintaining almost half of my d–k outside, I don’t want a situation where someone’s father will come and hold me responsible for crippling his daughter, I [email protected] her at an average speed.

It hasn’t been up to twenty five minutes when I last cummed so I was expected to last twice as long.

I turned her to d—-e style. Her legs and hands were on the couch while I was standing behind her.

From behind her, I located her p—y and entered her again with the same length she was able to take. With my work made easier for me, I grabbed both butt cheeks as I slammed in and out of her p—y.

Amaka: BEAST!!!!!!!!!!! BEAST!!!!!!!!! youuuu arrree killing meeeeee!!

She m0aned and triggered the devil controlling my BEAST. I was high, lost in pleasure and ecstasy, in my ultimate bleeping mode, I turned her and raised her up.

We were now standing as i raised her up with my two hands. I took her to the wall for support, my two hands holding her two legs. She used her hand to grab BEAST and guide it to the entrance of her punani.

Since my both hands were holding her legs, I didn’t know when I thrusted deep into her, more of my length that she could take all entered inside her.

Amaka: ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!
She screamed in pure pains. The new feelings I got when almost all my d–k was buried inside her made my d–k to become double in size as I shot my c-m deep into her deepest part.

I quickly brought out my BEAST and little drop of blood was at the tip of it.

Amaka: *crying* am hurt, my stomach is on fire, why did you that.

Me: sorry, it wasn’t intentional.
I helped her and took her to the couch where I lay her down. She was still crying. I helped in cleaning the house and she told me that her father will soon be back so I dashed out.

I was very weak and tired. Poor BEAST was tired too. My Pour box need to be refill. As I got close to our room, my vision became bury and I passed out..

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