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The Heart Of A Woman [Completed] – Season 1 Episode 13


“really?, seriously that’s wonderful but i’m curious to know what prompted the decision?” he asked, trying his best to conceal his feelings. I shrugged and breathed deeply.

“i’m doing it because i want to be very close to you. I can’t bear staying away anymore”
 i answered calmly. He stared at me unable to know what to make of my revelation.

“i have talked to Lydia, she will be setting up a new place for me”
 i added, watching him keenly. He drew me to the side of the road and stared at me searchingly.

“i hope you know what you are doing?” he asked, surprising me with the question,

“of course my dear, c’mon don’t you think it’s a great idea?”
 i asked with a smile,
“but you should have consulted me first. I’m your man you know, moreover you shouldn’t have asked your friend to set up another house for you. My place is spacious enough for us”
 he complained. I shook my head and rolled my eyes.

“i know my darling and i’m sorry”
 i apologised. He shrugged and never mentioned the topic again.

Unfortunately he never slept that fateful night. He kept tossing on the bed without knowing that i was fully awake.

I kept still and pretended as if i was sleeping. I couldn’t imagine what was going on in his mind.

whatever it was, I cared not. I was very determined to keep him from going astray.

I had to do anything necessary to protect my interest.

Early the next day he left for his office, while i went out to visit a couple of old friends and equally do a little shopping. It was a very busy day for me, and it truly helped by keeping my mind off Kelvin.

But later in the day i got a very shocking surprise of my life. Kelvin returned from work, accompained by a very attractive slim, well shaped young girl {who was in her mid twenties}. I was shocked beyond words.

“my darling, i brought my colleague and a good friend home for you to see. Since you will be staying for a while, i thought it best to introduce her to you. I know Abuja is a small town and i wouldn’t want any gossips to fly to your ears. Her name is Lilian Isaac”
 he said to me before facing the girl who stood respectably a distance away.

“Lilian meet my wife stella”
 he introduced sofly. I couldn’t believe myself. I was so dumbfounded. It all looked so innocent to be real.

It was just like a movie. Of course she was no other person than the same girl Lydia mentioned to me the previous day.

I simply stared at her without knowing what to make of her presence…

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