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Healer [Completed] – Season 1 Episode 20


Healer [Completed] - Season 1 Episode 1

She was able to pull herself together after three more hours of crying. She hadn’t seen Connor since then and he hadn’t even stepped into the room ever since he left. She sniffed and took the last of the tissue to dry her already swollen eyes. She stood up in shaky legs and rushed out, down the stairs. Connor had been sitting at the bar, sipping a drink and he stood up when he saw he come down with her keys, running to the door. He ran towards her.“Don’t you dare!”She said to him drawing out her hand to stop him..

His eyes darted in shock to the small pocket knife she had in her hand.He looked up at her.“Kendra where are you going? Don’t tell me you’re Leaving.”“Get away from me, you devil. Before I do something I’ll regret.”“I’m not scared of death, Kendra. And I’m telling you if you leave me, I’ll die. You know I’m not kidding. I don’t have much to lose if you leave me.”“Stay away from me!”She snapped. “I swear, Connor I’m going to kill you if you come closer.”He watched tears roll down her eyes.“If you think you’re bipolar, I’m the one who’s tripolar.”She said and he charged for her, they both struggled on the floor and she slashed him onthe cheek with the pocket knife.

He screamed in pain. Kendra found that as a chance to escape him. She ran off and tried opening her car but when she saw that it won’t burge, perhaps because she was desperate and scared, she dropped the keys and ran out of the house. She made her way fine to the raid where she boarded a cab, gave him the address and pleaded with him to hurry before her husband gets to her.********The taxi stopped her at the gate and she paid him.“Keep the balance.”She said in a hurry to go into the compound. She pounded her fists at the gate repeatedly until the security opened and was smiling at her to welcome her but she pushed her way into his surprise and rushed to the door.

After persistently pressing the doorbell and knocking so hard her hands were almost bruised, the door opened and she expected tosee Alex. But she saw Janice instead. Janice smiled at her and she stared back at her in shock. The young lady wasn’t supposed to be in his house at that hour and she wasn’t supposed to be in one of Alex’s shirts!“Hi, Kendra. Its been a while.”. Janice obviously didn’t know the situation right now because she was smiling at Kendra. She saw Alex appear behind Janice and he looked surprised to see her.” Kendra. What’s the matter?”He said but instead, she turned and ran off. Before she could get to the gate, strong handsof Alex held her back and she turned around, hitting him hard with her fist and screaming like a mad woman.“Hey, calm down.

”He said, holding her hands, looking surprised at her outburst.“Don’t tell me to calm down! What is Ben’s sister doing in your shirt?!”She snapped.“What the hell are you doing with her?! Answer me,Alex!”Alex was shocked. This wasn’t the Kendra he knew. She looked like a mad woman and he was beginning to wonder what had happened to her.“Answer me!”She snapped. He saw her eyes. Pain. Deep pain. And she looked like she had been crying.“Is she your girlfriend?!”She screamed.“What? No, she isn’t. Listen, I met her on the way, calm down. Her car broke down and it was already late. So I brought her here. She just took my shirt to change hers. Nothing happened.”But he saw that she wasn’t buying it. “Kendra look at me.”. He said and lifted her face to his.

” Have I ever lied to you?”After a while she broken down in tears again. Crying and wailing. He held her close and consoled her but he was at a loss as to the reason she was crying. But he knew it had something to do with her husband.“Alex, my life is over.”She said in between cries.“What? Don’t say that.”“I lost the baby,Alex. I lost it.”“What baby?”But she kept crying louder against his chest.“Connor killed my baby. I hate him, Alex.”“Calm down. Its okay.”He was confused. What baby was she talking about? Had she been pregnant? But she couldn’t have a child…**********It seemed like an eternity before she was ableto calm down and he took her inside, she told him the story that had happened. Alex was devastated. His own baby. The b—–d had gone too far. Janice had gone into her room and left the both of them alone.Kendra felt like a deranged woman.“I was a fool,Alex.

I thought I could still love him but he doesn’t deserve to be loved. He destroyed my dream if ever becoming a mother. Of having a child of my own someday. He made me feel like barren woman. He killed my baby.”She was crying again. He brought her head to his lips and kissed it, placing back on his chest.“Its okay.”“I want a divorce, Alex. I want to leave that b—–d.”Alex sat up and made her face him.“It can still be done, Kendra. Do you still have the evidence that you were pregnant?”She nodded.“Now I want you to think about this question very carefully before you answer me. Can you testify against him in court?”She stared at him. “What if the evidence aren’tsolid?”“He hit you,Kendra. He rapes you. And he killed your baby. Now can you do it?”“Its his word against mine,Alex. I have no evidence that he has been hitting me.”“Kendra, listen to me. You have to toughen up on this. He might try to frustrate this plan but Iwant you to be strong as you’ve always been. If he wants to testify against you I’ll be the one to tell the story. I saw those marks,Kendraand I know what I saw. Aliyah has been with you for years she can say something.”She nodded. He stood up and went upstairs, came down with his laptop and opened it. He turned it to her so she could see what he had. She stared at it and then looked at him.“Alex.”She was surprised.“It was Lisa’s idea. I thought it was stupid at first because you an

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