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Healer [Completed] – Season 1 Episode 19


Healer [Completed] - Season 1 Episode 1

“Holy s–t!” Aliyah cursed from the other endof the phone. “Wait a second….you slept withAlex? Kendra!”“It just happened,Aliyah. Will you blame me?I was sexually starved and he happened tobe there and all the time we’ve been dyingfor each other and we just couldn’t find thetime to…Look, he wanted it and I wanted ittoo. So, it just happened.”Aliyah sighed. “Are you certain that he’s thefather.”“Yes. I have the whole evidence here withme. Aliyah I don’t know what to do. Connoralready knows that I’m pregnant.”“And he knows that he couldn’t have beenresponsible. Oh, dear God. What do you donow?”“I don’t know!”“Listen, have you told Alex?”Kendra chuckled. “I haven’t been picking anyof his calls at all. So,no.”

“You have to tell him,Kendra.”“Are you kidding me? So both of them cankill themselves?”“Kendra, its not about that. He’s responsiblefor this. He deserves to know. Tellhim,Kendra. It will be easy enough for you ifhe’s backing you up. And it will be easywhen you finally state it as a reason for yourdivorce.”Kendra was calm. Her mind was working.She sighed.“Calm down. Anxiety isn’t good for apregnant woman. At least that one, I knowof.”Aliyah said.“Okay… okay. I’ll tell him. But it has to be inperson.”“And you know you can’t give Connor theimpression that you already know about hiscondition. Don’t say a word, just act neutral.”“I know. Okay…Alright.”She hung up and tried to calm down.

Withshaky hands she put back all the papers,even when some fell of again because shewas shaking. She tried to calm down andshut the closet as it was, went to bed andlay down, trying to get hold of herself.It seemed like several hours had passedbefore she found her strength and pickedher phone. The voice came after the thirdring.“Hello,Kendra?”Alex voice came in. She closed her eyes andsighed. She had really missed him.“Hello.”He said again when she didn’t say anything.“Alex. Hi.”She said and heard him sigh.“How are you doing?”.” I’m fine. How are you?”“I’m great. I hope you’re good,Kendra. I’vebeen worried and you haven’tbeen picking any of my calls.”She paused and sighed. “Yes, I’m fine.”“Okay.”“Alex….I….we need to talk. I have to see you.”“Alright.Is everything okay?”“Yeah, everything is fine. There’ssomething…that just came up that I wouldlike to tell you …in person.”“Okay. When?”“How about tonight? Are you busy?”“What time tonight?”“At 8.”“No, I’m not busy at all.”“I’ll come to your house.”“Good. I’ll be expecting you.”“Yeah, bye.”“Kendra, wait….I love you.”He sai

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