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Healer [Completed] – Season 1 Episode 14


Healer [Completed] - Season 1 Episode 1

Kendra hadn’t seen Alex in a week and she was beginning to miss him badly. He called from time to time but she knew all she wanted was just to see him. To hear him tease her as he used to. His mother had hinted about him being extremely busy and Kendra understood the life of a medical doctor especially one who owned two big hospitals that were very popular in the city.She hasn’t stopped thinking about her last encounter with Connor and his visit to Alex. She occasionally looks behind her to he sure he wasn’t following her around. But that night,the maid had knocked on her room door and given her the most shocking news of her life.“He said he’s your cousin, ma.”The maid said. Kendra looked at her.

“My cousin? What did he say his name is?”“He didn’t say, ma.”Kendra stood and went out the door to the living room and stopped in her tracks in shock.Connor! He was dressed in a white T-shirt andblack jeans and he stood up and smiled at herwhen he saw her. She wanted to turn and facethe maid in anger but then she remembered that the maid only delivered the message she was given. She inhaled and exhaled.“Kendra. Hello.”He said and she turned around and was heading up the stairs when she saw him run up to her, holding her hands and pleading withher to hear him out. The maid passed by and gave them a look. Kendra composed her self and went down the stairs to a seat in the living room. He sat beside her.“Kendra please forgive me. I’m sorry. I’m really sorry for what happened.”He said and she said nothing. She only frowned and stared ahead.“Baby, I’m so sorry for doing that to you.”“Very good,Connor.”She said to him. “Your performance is very good. You’re sorry? I don’t think so. I think you’re good at drawing sympathy to yourself. That’s what I think.”She was already thinking of how he was able to find where she was.“Kendra… baby, come on. Don’t do this to me. Don’t leave me. Baby, I’ll due if you leave me.

I know I acted rash to you…”She turned sharply at him and cut his speech.“Rash? Is that the right word for your madness? All those times you hit me and called me names and molested me, abused me….almost killed me…you call that rash? I would have died,Connor. I was nearly gone. You really have some guts to come shoe your face here again after what you did to me.”“I’m sorry. I let my singer get the best of me. I was so jealous of seeing you with him…”“You’ve always been jealous if seeing me witheveryone, Connor. That’s a lame one you just gave.”He lowered his gaze and lifted it again to her. He took her hands in his and she snapped it away from him.“Please don’t push me away. I love you, baby. I really love you and I don’t want to lose you.”“You don’t love me,Connor. You love yourself and you’ve always loved yourself. No one else.”He went down on his knees.“Kendra. I’m so sorry. believe me. Please, Babe. Come back to me,please.”“You’ve over stayed your welcome,Connor. Leave.”“I can let you be with your friends again. I will give you what you want. Whatever you want. I’ll try to be the best man you’ll ever want.Evenif I know you have your heart on someone else.”She looked at him, then stood up to leave.

He held her back.“Kendra, don’t do this to me. Please don’t leave me for someone else. I’ll die if you leaveme. I’ll take my life.”Kendra closed her eyes and battled with her mind and her heart. She wanted to leave him and she also wanted to take him back. To go back with him. She knew that she wasn’t ready to see him just yet. She knew that if shesaw him she could mess up and run back to him. He still kept pleading with her and begging her to come back. She pulled all that was in her, the picture and voice of Alex invaded her thoughts. His words, smiles, and she pushed Connor away from her and rushed up the stairs without a backward glance. She got to her bedroom and shut the door, leaning against the door, she let tears run down her cheeks as she slid down to the floor of her room. She needed Alex. She wanted to see him. She really wanted him to hold her right now. She waited and waited. When it felt like several hours had passed, she picked up her cellphone and was sure Connor had left.

Then she went to tell the maids that she won’t be home till the next day,she left the house and drove off.**********Alex opened the door and was surprised to see Kendra standing at the door. She smiled up at him. And walked in when he stepped aside for her. He hadn’t seen her in a week. Not that he was avoiding her, he had missed her so badly that he found every chance to call her and know where she was or how she was doing. He was even worried about her that he started calling his sister, telling her to always keep her company and not leave her alone. His sister had complied at once.She looked around the big house and smiled at him when he closed the door.“You have a beautiful home.”He smiled and came close to her.********Kendra could feel her heart beating. When he stepped closer to her she could perceive the strong smell of his cologne and his refreshingsmell of his bath soap.

He had just had his bath. He smiled at her.“Thanks.”He said and led her to the sofa.“How did you know my house?”She smiled and shrugged. “Lisa.”“Ah. Yes, the bed bug.”She laughed.“What can I get you?”“Nothing.”“Well, I don’t think that kind of refreshment exists.”She laughed again. “I’m serious, Alex. I just haven’t seen you in a while.”He grinned “I always knew I am attractive. A lot of people have been trying to in a while.”“Really? Don’t give yourself too much importance.”She smiled.“Oh but I know I am important. How are you doing today?”.She merely shrugged.” You’re becoming more beautiful than the last time I saw you.”“Oh,Alex.

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