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Featherlight Heart [Completed] – Season 1 Episode 22


Featherlight Heart [Completed]

”Sir, please!!” Jackson who had been ushered into Emeka’s office earlier that day says, almost going on his knees. He was contacted and told to come in. He did.

”No seat Jackson don’t be sacred, I know you know why we have brought you here?” Emeka points to the chair, he seats, curious, scared, unsure.

”No sir”
”Okay, I till tell you, on the fifteenth of this month you were asked to release a fund of NGN30 million naira, to who? Because I have the information and it was signed by you, I know there is a higher authority who okay-ed it before the bank manager released it, who was it and where was it sent to?”

”Mr Ambross and to his personal account Sir”

”Did he tell you why he needed it and why it wasn’t funded into the company’s account?”

”He said it was for a Bronx- something project, don’t remember and it wasn’t listed when I checked, when I insisted to know why, he told me to do the transaction, even when I asked to let it run by you he refused saying that he would get it to you Sir and queried me when I pressurized him further hre threatened to sack me for undermining his authority. So I obeyed, he was my Boss after all. As soon as I sent the release to the bank and the transaction was approved and sent, I got a call from the HR to come pick up my termination letter, I figured it was because i delayed in a direct other, I was paid two months salary up front, no benefits and was sent away. It was disheartening”

”That money was paid to his personal account to use for personal purposes and it wasn’t credited for any project, your boss Mr Ambross stole from a company, my money and from my profits, would you want to help us use this as a statement to catch the real thief?”

He nods quickly ”I would be glad to. I didn’t want to believe he sacked me because of he was trying to clean his tracks, that’s wickedness sir, Ambross is a wicked man, a thief!!” Jackson was angry.

”You have said it all. Would you love to be the one who tells the truth Jackson?” Emeka asks

”Yes Sir, of course! now I understand it all. We used to have missing funds like this constantly when Mr Ambross was making so much money, when I complained to him he says he would handle it, later a staff would be sacked and he would say it has been handled but monies were never accounted for. Slowly and slowly, more funds left and later we went bankrupt, the company went under. I am so sorry to say Sir, but I think he ruined his company too, he would also run it to the ground again after amassing so much for himself. Don’t let him sir, you have invested so much here already, but see what he does, he steals. He is a thief!!”

Emeka nods ”Very well, I won’t. Thank you Jackson!! You will be escorted to the car”

***** PRESENTLY***

”I do not understand why…why he is here?”‘ Ambross stutters, how the hell did they find him, no this wasn’t possible.

”He is here because he would love to clear his name Mr Ambross, so is there anything you would love to tell us?” Emeka and everyone turns to stare at him
”No Sir, but whatever he is about to say is a lie!” Ambross points at Jackson.

”What do you think he is about to say Ambross” Emeka stands up ”that the NGN30 million was ordered to be released by you to your personal account, and that you never filed nor brought it to me for approval? And that you kicked it under the table and fired him so he doesn’t talk paying him a miserly two months stipend? What don’t you want him to say? That you stole the money, my money even after I told you, you shouldn’t even ask me for a loan, what don’t you want him to say Ambross!!?” Emeka raises up his voice

”Sir!!” Ambross turns to him ”Sir Odinaka, I will never steal from you I promise, he is a liar, this Jackson, he is the thief!” he states pointing at Jackson

”You are the thief Sir Ambross not me!!” Jackson states firmly

”You are the thief Jackson, you know it. Sir Odinaka, he is a lie, a fraud a-”

”So you are saying that his statement doesn’t matter?” Emeka asks him patiently
”What… what statement?” Ambross wipes another bead of sweats, the room suddenly felt so hurt, he fans himself,

Emeka nods as Tammy opens his briefcase and brings out a recorder… he places it on the table and presses play, the recorder comes on playing the conversation that was had between Emeka and jackson on how he told him what had happened to the money. The whole room went up in an uproar as they threw condescending glances to Ambross, muttering under their breaths in disdain, they are shocked.

”This is ridiculous, utter nonsense, evilly fabricated, this is a setup Sir, You know me, I will never do anything like this, I am utterly in shock Sir!!” Ambross bursts out as the recorder stops” Shut up everyone, shut up” he shouts at the staffs, turning to Emeka, ”Sir, surely this cannot be true, its not true Sir!!”

”That is the truth and nothing but the truth!!” Jackson speaks as everyone is murmuring and gasping, Ambross looks around. No! , this wasn’t happening.
”Sir Odinaka, I beg you, do not take the word of a thief over me, I have proven myself. I used the money you invested in my company and I gained more returns, even the books shows that I have done a good job with my company”

”You stole, admit it” Emeka states

”I didn’t!!”

Emeka shakes his head ”In the face of your loot you still deny? Tony put a call across to the bank manager, let him confirm Ambross’s bank statement for you, and you will give him your bank details Ambross” He points to Ambross

Tony dails, he picks ”Chuks, this is Odinka Uchendu, kindly confirm bank statement for this following account. Call it out MR Ambross!!”

”Call it out!!”

”Look, please can we talk privately?” Ambross goes close to Emeka

”Step away from me Ambross, step away before I tell the securities waiting outside this door to help you to do so! Thank you Mr Chuks” He nods for Tammy to cut the call with the bank manager.

”You have securities outside the door? Hey Odinaka Sir, okay, wait let us talk inside and I will explain everything to you please”‘

”NO!! Here! Did you or did you not withdraw money not accrued to you, the sum of NGN30 million naira into your personal account on the fifteenth of this money?”

Gasps and muttering follows as all eyes rests on him and ears ready to pick his answer.
”Please—” He begs
“Did you not Ambross?” Emeka shouts
”I did but-” He begins
”Did you not fire Mr Jackson unfairly?”
”I did but Sir please if only we can talk in private” the sweat is pouring like water, everyone is looking at him, murmuring at him..
“Mr Ambross, you are nothing but a common thief, biting the hand that fed you, and you know what we do to thieves, we punish them. Therefore you are hereby stripped of the position of sole owner of this company and –”

”Stripped!!” Ambross who had been begging suddenly flares up ”How dare you, you cannot strip me of anything! This is my company, my name is written there, I came to you for help and you know what? I will pay you back you, give me a few weeks, in fact, take the balance in the account for your payment, you have no right, No right to strip me of anything, Ii came to you for help, I will repay you, it is my company, mine alone!!!”

”Your company, is that what you say? Who told you it’s your company?” Emeka is back to the seat, crossed leg and a beaming smile on his face

”What the hell is that suppose to mean?”
”It means that from the moment you decided to steal from me, you ceased to become the sole owner of this ventures, you just handed it all to me!!”‘

”What nonsense are you saying? In fact..” He points at Emeka, if he gets him out of the company no one can accuse him falsely even though its true, he would calm the situation and sack anyone who opposes him, it’s his company, so what if he took the money? Wasn’t the money meant to be spent? My company, his? He must be out of his mind “I think you should get out of my premises and take your loyal dog Jackson you, I Ambross Chikurdi will pay you back within a month, you… a little boy, who the hell do you think you are?” Ambross spat

Oh me? Your son fool. Patience, patience father.

”I am your worst nightmare Ambross but don’t rush, there is time for everything. Tam, show him”

Tammy opens the file and hands Ambross a set of documents

”What the hell is this?” Ambross states flipping through

”What does it look like? It’s an agreement between both parties, me and you… this company and me”‘

”So? I already signed these documents, in fact I will have my lawyer redo anything for the company” he flings the file away
”I think you should read it from your copy Tammy!!!”

The lawyer nods, he reads out everything Ambross had read, it takes a few minutes, then he gets to the most important part ”And the clause therefore states that peradventure, in any way or the other and for a purpose different from official and office related projects, and that if it’s not for salary or mandated, but funds is being removed from the company account in the bid to steal/loot without the proper signatures to attest to, I will no longer be fit to work as the sole owner of this company, and if my intents and actions are criminal in nature, therefore I requite my position, in company assets, shares in totality, inclusive of the name, structures and premises and signed to Mr Odinaka Uchendu as sole owner and administrator. And this agreements should take effect immediately if I err or commit a crime, signed by Mr Ambross Chikurdi on the first of this month”’

”You are mad!! Where did you see that?” Ambross grabs the documents from his hands and as he goes through it ”Where did I sign such ridiculous nonsense, where?” he thunders

”Look well Ambross, if you were not blinded by greed and love for money, you would have seen that and read the clause ”

He carefully goes through it, searching, reading it, seeing it, his eyes grows big in shock , he shakes his head and looks up ”This wasn’t there before! Did you put it? You just put it there, you played me, you played me!!” he flings the file at Emeka, who watches it fall, his eyes goes back looking at Ambross, his smile not leaving his face.

”You played yourself Ambross, first I helped you when you came crawling to me to help you, after investing millions of naira into your dying company, you go behind, my back to steal from me, 30 million naira, do you know where that money is gotten from? My hard earned labor, strength and energy, my years of turmoil to be able to make money legally and what do you do? You steal it, oh, yes we know you have booked a flight out of the country, it has been cancelled”

Ambross’s mouth drops open to the floor ”You are spying on me?”

”I am not stupid to trust a total stranger with my money; you must be a fool to think so!!! We have the statement here of Jackson, and we already confirmed from your bank manager, we made sure to cover all of the edges before coming here and I gave you a chance to come clean, what do you do? Feign innocence and dare to accuse another person, how heartless are you!! Ambross, you are nothing but a common heartless thief, biting the hand shameless that fed you and I will take the spoon away that you feed from Ambross, I Odinaka Uchendu will. And for that document we signed concerning the company when you came to me? You are a fool, I gave you that same file and document, with the agreements and everything in it for you to sign and you did, it isn’t my fault that you didn’t exercise patience to read it, that clause is normal in this kind of transactions because investors love to be on a safe side and I intended to be safer than safe, that if anyone dares to loot from the money I invest for personal reasons, I will take all that they own to pay back… and you Ambross have nothing pay me back with, you are a broke man with nothing and after all, it’s my money. You have broken the contract, you have committed a crime, the clause has been breached. We are done here Ambross, the securities are outside to escort you out of my company now. Your lawyer can confirm if there is any foul play, you can call as many as you want, my lawyer is here to prove the legitimacy of that signature you signed, also there is a video coverage of our meeting and when you signed when I insisted that you read it thoroughly, so you see Ambross, with your greed for money you played yourself, this wouldn’t happen if you haven’t been a glutton!!” Emeka states angrily ”Someone should call the security and get this man out of my sight!!”

”No you cannot do this to me, this is my company, mine Mr Odinaka!!! Odinaka!!!” he shouts holding onto him, Emeka peels his hands away and pushes him away from him
”Touch me again and your hands goes off!!! ” Emeka points to him

”No!! You lie you hear you lie, this is all a plan to set me up you and Jackson and everyone else, my enemies, it’s your plan to ruin me, to embarrass and humiliate me, you have won. Okay… okay I took the money, but please, you cannot do this to me, this is my life, my world, my legacy…I fact what nonsense, this is fabricated” he switched from begging to flaring up again, refusing to be ousted, to be branded, going back to stand on the fact that he was framed, this isn’t happening to him, No!

”You played me for a fool Ambross, sadly you are the fool!!”

He gets up and goes outside. The staffs are muttering, a few curse are thrown at Ambross..

Indeed, he read the file, but skipped some areas, it was clear that Mr Odinaka asked him to read and he didn’t, he insisted twice, but him he didn’t read..

He drops to his knees ”Please Odinaka Sir, I beg you in the name of God, don’t arrest me, please don’t, I will send the money back into your account I will—”

”That money is frozen, you have no access to stolen property Ambross, so the money, the company is mine, you are nothing. Securities get him out, now!!” Emeka tells them as they come in followed by Mr Tammy.

”Sir please, please I beg you, I beg you hay God!!” he cries

”Get him out now!!!” Emeka thunders
They take him by the hand and escorted him outside as he is struggling and wailing for Odinaka, telling him he can’t do this, it was his company, his legacy, his life.

Emeka turns to them ”Sorry everyone about that, there would be some changes around here from now on, let this be warning to everyone else, don’t steal, it would come bite you back in the a-s, now!! Carry on, I will be sending in someone to manage the company while I oversee things, HR fix Jackson back into his office, make him lead team.. for today, everyone, back to work.”
They thank him, they cheer him, and they were pleased.

He walks out as the three men who had come with him followed him out.

They meet Ambross at the gate struggling with them, when he sees them coming out, he rushes to the door ”Mr Odinaka sir, you can’t do this to me, you can’t! Please I beg you, that is all I have, I am sorry, I am so sorry, please, I beg you, you have frozen my account, taken my company, I am finished!

Please I beg you, how will I eat, feed, how? I beg you I am on my knees Sir, my boss, my oga biko please, I beg you I will do anything, please!”

”Drive Musa!!” Emeka says to the driver then he says to the securities ”If I see this man here again after today, you will lose your jobs, if he comes close, send the dogs, that is what we do to thieves” he winds up as they drive away

”HEY God!!!” Ambross cries as he was nudged out the gate as it was locked against him.. He bellows ”My company. My money, my life, hey God, hey God!! He cries with hands on his head, tears running down his eyes.


He drives home, his cloths in disarray as he enters into his house. He had been rolling on the ground, begging the securities to let him in, no won listened, when he began to threaten them, they released the dogs, he ran. He was thankful they allowed him his car. Only that, nothing else.

”What is it Ambross, what happened?”
”I am finished, I am finished!!!”‘ he seats on the floor, hands on his head

”What has finished you?” She eyes him
”My company” he pants holding his head and loosening his tie ”My money, everything gone! he took it all. My chest, I can’t breathe, he took it all, made me sign it, tricked me, he took it all he kicked me out, my company, my legacy, my hey Belinda I am, finished !!!”

”What, who, what? I don’t understand it , Ambross , talk to me!!” she is worried
”My company, Odinaka Uchendu tricked me, he has kicked me out of my company”‘
”HEY GOD!!! Why, why, how dare he?” she held him,

”NGN 30 million? I took it, I took it, he found out, now the agreements- hey, my company and money gone!!”

“Which NGN30 million Ambross? Money you said you weren’t going to collect again?…oh so you stole it, they caught you, hey you are lucky he didn’t arrest you, thief, oloshi!! Thief oh thief” she clasps for him ”See how useless you are, you have ruined your life and not mine, you are a disgrace, thief, a heartless human, you stole, he should have cut your hand”

”HA Belinda, you suggested I collect that it’s my money, you said you wanted to go to Dubai, and I was talking the money to-”
”Tah!!” she sq££zes his mouth “‘Ma-shunu!! Close your dirty mouth, yet you took it and hid it, did you give me? No. Did you even tell me? No!! You stole it for yourself, by yourself and you will suffer it by yourself, in fact how long did you keep the money, how long? You are thief, a disgrace, you in fact”
The door bell rings ”I am coming back for you” She opens the door to see two men standing there

”Yes, who are you?”
”We are from the Echelon Estate Management, we would like to see Mr Ambross..”‘
”What for?”‘

”We would like to discuss about the house”
”Is he around?”
“Ambross, come to the door and meet this men”‘

He steps out ”Yes?”
”Mr Ambross, we just received a mail concerning you recent criminal activities, and as such we have been updated to speed, this is an eviction notice to evict this premises within this hour”‘

“I do not understand, I bought this house Sir, I have the documents, you cannot evict me from my House, who do you think you are?”

”Yes Sir we can! Especially when the house is under the properties of Odinaka Uchendu Echelon Estate Properties and Management!!”

“What? I do not understand, my file doesn’t state that!!”

”It does, we have a copy of the agreement and C.of O, if you would gladly get your copy you will see that I am correct in my information!!” the man says

”No, it’s impossible! I bought this house with my hard earned money, my hard earned money sir!!”

He goes back into his house and comes back with his copy, he shows it to them, they take it, flipped it and points at it showing him, plus his signature and agreement.

”Yes sir, there it is, this house was listed for NGN30 million in the bank, and you had asked for NGN70 million, which isn’t off, but that is between you and the buyer, but Sir, due to your recent criminal activities, the sane clause that is in the company file is here also because this is the property of Mr Odinaka, and he is pulling back all that he had given or all that belongs to him in relation to you, that means , that this house is his, the money you stole, this house, the cars which you bought is from his car shop, same clause, you signed Sir is requited to him according to the agreement here. Every single thing Sir you stated, goes back to him as soon as your breech the contract, the clause kicks it therefore kicking in all this, Cars, Houses, money, all of it Sir now belongs to him, you as of now own nothing. he is retaking all that he has invested and all you own, backed by your signature, legally signed by you and your lawyers, and which would stand in court.” he finishes

”No!! It doesn’t make sense!!” Ambross staggers after looking at the documents again, he signed it, and he signed it all. How come he didn’t see it, read it, was too excited he didn’t pay attention, jumping over words, going to sign and not caring to carefully go over it word for word? What has he done, what has he done. He is finished!! Finished!!

”If you have read the documents handed to you sir you would have noticed this clauses that here, let me read , ”peradventure if found in a criminal activity that involves the said party of this agreement to be indebted to the law, the owner of this establishment would server ties with the party and take away fund he had invested and borrowed, or used in purchasing anything that the other party has bought, and if I am not mistaken Sir, Mr Odinaka invested in your company, you had no dime, not one, he has a right to that ownership. This is his house, sold to you under the umbrella of Echelon Management, this is his, the money you were paid. by his lawyer and his point man who carried out the transaction for you in the person of Mr Tayo Adegbunbe. It is his money he paid you with which you used to get this house and cars Mr Ambross, it is Mr Odinaka’s.. You cannot own something when you never had the money to own it in the first place, it’s like giving a beggar money to go buy your own shoe, how does it belong to you? Sir, here is your eviction notice, you are not allowed to take anything other than your cloths that you moved in with, everything else should be left in place, and the cars, would be returned as well and a balance of NGN5 million is required, you were given 70 million Mr Ambross, you are expected to balance it up, for now, leave the house within the hour or we would be forced to use force, we have securities waiting at the corner”

Ambross is staring into space ”No, no this isn’t happening, I bought this house, bought this house!!” he shouts,
Belinda begins to wail. ”it’s a lie, it’s a lie! My car, my house, my cloths, it’s a lie” she held her head jumping

One of them gets a call, he whispers into the other’s ears who nods and steps forward ”Miss Belinda, we are told to allow you take your car, your things and leave ”
Ambross turns to her as she quickly jumps up from the ground gathers the things she could, without looking back she flings his ring,

”Belinda, please don’t, don’t leave me, please don’t, you are my wife, for better or worse” he cries

”Me, you and I have nothing else, nothing! You will die alone. Your wife? For better or worse? For better or worse kill you there, Tufiakwa!” she spat and enters her car and zooms off

”Sir, you have less than 30 minutes to vacate the premises”

Ambross is dumbfounded, weak, shocked to his bones. No, this isn’t happening. He is finished, finished!

They get another call
”Still there?” the voice asks
”Yes sir!!

Ambross is sinks to the floor, his mind in chaos, he hides his face, he curses the day he met Uchendu, and he wills God to touch his heart to forgive him, he would do anything. He sobs

”Sir!! You need to leave now; our boss would be here soon”‘

He sits there crying into his hands.

Another ten minutes Emeka alights from the car that drove into the compound. He comes face to face with Ambross, he bends down to his level.

”Hello Ambross!!” he is smiling ”I came to see your downfall; I wouldn’t miss this for the world!! ”

”Why, why are you doing this to me, what have I done to you? I am sorry, I wouldn’t do it again, please, okay, it’s my company. Okay make me anything, I don’t mind, just don’t leave me out here, my wife left me, I have no money to my name, you freezed my entire accounts, please.

”I just reported your criminal activities to the police and the bank did that on their own, what having connections in the country can get you, ha!!” Emeka laughs

”Why!!! Why, why me? What did I do?” what did he do

”Other than stealing, you make my skin crawl, you are nothing, nothing to me, and I am happy, happy that finally you get to seat on the floor begging me, where you belong” Emeka spat

Those words, he remembers them, so well, but where?

”Who are you?” he turns to Emeka
”You want to know he? Maybe a night on the street would give you a clear perspectives, and when it doesn’t, come by my house tomorrow evening, you will find out !!”

Emeka laughs straightening up turning to the men

”If he doesn’t leave in the next 5 minutes, I need you to tell the men out there to lift him up and toss him out of the gate, near the road preferably, “‘


Emeka enters his car, wears his glasses and smiles as he drives out.


Ambross is the thrown to the streets just as he was told; he begs for some cloths, he was allowed just one bag.

God, how did he get into this mess? One minute he is Ambross chikurdi, a business man, rich, the next he is nothing but a homeless man combing the streets, those he called friends, no one wanted to help him, no one wanted to listen to him or associate themselves with him, Belinda disconnected his number from her line. She had the five million in her account, she was better than him. He had nothing, not even to buy water to quench his thirst as the sun burns his back.
He roams the streets, he is hungry, tired, he seats under the bridge, he cries in his hands, maybe he should get the police, but they would arrest him of theft. What if he gets a lawyer, his old one wouldn’t pick his calls, how would he pay the new one. No one wanted to help; they called him a thief, a criminal.

He was finished! Done!

”Ha Odinaka Uchendu has ruined him, ruined him!” he laments.


Emeka enters into his house, carrying a set of keys , entering into his mother’s room, ”Mama, I have a present for you!!”
”What is it my son?” She raises her head from the bible

”I bought you something” he is smiling down at her ”A house!!”

”A house, what happened to this one I am in?” she is surprised

”Oh, this one you would love” he gives her the keys ”Tomorrow, tomorrow morning before it all, I will take you there Mama” he says kneeing down beside her, dropping the key in her hands, he buries his face there..

”Are you okay my son, you are shaking?” she hugs him tight

”Yes mama, for the first time in my life, I am happy, so happy, and yet I can’t share this happiness with you until tomorrow, promise me you will come see my present, please !!!”

”I promise Emeka!” he looks up smiling at her, his eyes pools.

”What is it my son?” She searches his eyes, she touches his face, what is eating him up inside?

“I am happy that is all” he sniffs getting up ”get some sleep. I love you!!”

He leaves her staring after him, she looks at the key in her hand and stares back at him.


He doesn’t go to Diana, he goes to his room, standing and watching the night as it slowly fades to quietness.

Where you are papa? I hope, I hope you have begun to enjoy the night like we did, sleep under the bridge like we did, let your life be threatened like ours were…I pray you experience it all, I pray you do, then when you can’t…I hope you disappear into oblivion.
But your thirst, your curiosity would drive you to me, when it does, I will give you the last hurrah!!

He grabs the wine he hand in a class and sips ”Here’s to a great win Father, you made it happen, at least I thank you for it” he laughs to himself.


Ambross unable to bear the harshness of the night tried going back to his house by midnight, he was chased out by dogs, he went back to the streets, begged for food to eat, he slept under the bridge, when the touts came and began to pick at his bag which had shoes and cloths, he resisted them, they beat him to a bloody pulp, took his bag and left him there.. Bleeding, he staggers to an uncompleted building, he climbs there and hides from the evil of the night and cried himself to sleep.
But he couldn’t sleep, so he thought about his life, he couldn’t think so he cried, and when The agbero boys came, like a man running for his life, he ran again, ending up in an abandoned car in which he hide himself in.
The streets wasn’t safe, he couldn’t stay here, not another day, by tomorrow he needs to find him, beg him, he has to. He rather die in prison than here, here was noT safe for anyone. Why did what Odinaka say p—k him, those words felt familiar, like someone he would say, he shakes his head. Why did he do this to him, why? What did he do? No.. What he did shouldn’t make him get ousted and humiliated and everything taken from him. What did he do to deserve this hatred from Odinaka? He cries again,

He slept with his eyes open, his cloths stained with blood and with hunger pains.
As he battled sleep, his mind takes him back, he wondered how they survived on the street… if they survived it.

Then it hits him, it hits him hard, he clutches his heart and cried. Years ago he had sent his wife and child away, cared nothing about then afterwards. They must have died on this streets, raped, killed, bodies abandoned somewhere.

”Oh God what have I done!!” he weeps ”God!! Is this my punishment, mine! I am sorry please help me, forgive me, I have nothing more, no one, I can’t bear it!!” he cried

”I sent my son Emeka and Mercy to this streets to die, they must have been here for years, and I am here, only a day and it’s like hell… Oh God!! What have I done!! I can’t! Only a day I cannot!!!” he cried sleep took him.


By morning, he made the decision to leave the streets back into town, if it means to roll on the floor and beg, he will. He must see Odinaka, he wouldn’t spend another night on the streets, if he has to be a servant in his kitchen, he will. He will!!

He will go to his office; they will tell him how to get to his house.

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