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Diana Loves To Be Naughty – Season 1 Episode 19


Felicia and I ate and made jokes afterwards. Tosin was an average cook, to be honest. I asked Felicia to take the empty plates to the kitchen.

“oooh, I can’t go jor”
, she said, and la!d on the bed.

I got infuriated by this behaviour and was done putting up with it. ” what’s wrong with you sef? so you will hide here until she leaves? NNE nawa you oo!” I angrily got up and took the plates to the kitchen. I made my way to the living room where Tosin and peter were cuddled up on a couch watching TV, bayo was sitting on another, watching TV half mindedly and fondling with his BlackBerry. blackberry do us shege that year!!

I took an empty couch for my self. “Tosin, thanks for the meal, it was nice”.

” Aww, you’re welcome. is that why you ate two servings at once?” she joked.

“ahaha, no now, my friend is in there. you know what? let’s go say hi to her co Shea super shy”. I had already finished my statement before I realised Felicia wouldn’t like that, but what the hell, she needs to get out of hiding!

I got up to my feet and gave Peter a meaningful glare, I smiled at him, I took Tosin’s hand and led her to mine and Felicia’s room. I tapped lightly on the door and opened it.

” Felicia. someone wants to meet you”.I announced as we entered. I was smiling so hard.

“Tosin, meet Felicia, Felicia., Tosin”. I made quick hand gestures as I introduced them. Felicia was still laying on the freaking bed.

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