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My Days In An Undisclosed High School – Season 1 Episode 35


My Days In An Undisclosed High School

Everything went all well with me and the girls in the school,except for the absence of sandra throughout the weekdays in school…..

It was 10.00a.m on saturday morning,i heard a knock on our gate.Lizzy had followed mum to the market earlier,so i went to open the gate….Alas!!!!it was Racheal;

Racheal:-Good morning dear.**smiling**.
Me:-what!!!!Racheal,what are you doing here?**whispering**

Racheal:-Is that how you should welcome your dear visitor….?….

Me:-Racheal please you’ve to go now,my mum will be around very soon…

Racheal:-not even a come in,prest please i wanna ask you something?

Me:-ok!just come in…
Racheal:-you didn’t even ask me why i knew you are alone…

Racheal:-cause i saw your mum with that girl you are living with,on my way to my sister’s boutiqque,so i decided to pay you a quick visit,hope you like it,,,,,,,,,?

Me:-**000ooo God**so what,do i offer you?
Racheal:-nothing,just want to ask why you aiint coming to our house today?

Racheal:-yeah,prest what have we done to you,didn’t you like our house?

Me:-Racheal why did you used to pick offences in everything i do?i just decided not to come today…..

Racheal:-Just tell me you didn’t love me and i will stop bothering you?

Me:-Racheal why are you talking like…..
Racheal:-just say it prest.**cutting me short**….
Me:-**what is someone not coming to a house,has to do with love stuff?** ok,ok,i do love and admire you but…..

Racheal:-me too….**cutting me short again**
She hugged me,brought her lips to mine and Gbam!!!we fell on the couch….that’s is how i ended up having a first time s*x with my true love….**well maybe am gonna live to regret this action of mine,cause i didn’t know why i would defile her when am not gonna marry her..OOOh poor Racheal….sometimes women are right when they say men are wicked (i thought)

Hours later she left for her house,while my mum and Lizzy returned from the market……they cooked a nice food,i ate a bit out of it and went straight to my room…,Honestly defiling Racheal really hurts me alot,but i guess we both want it,especially her because she might thought with that she will be able to seal our relationship.But wait even my so-called wife to be,isn’t a virgin and the other two girlfriends are virgins before defiling them**end time**,even if i had to seal a relationship with someone,it will be for the two people i had made an oath with,through their blood during sexual intercorse,expecially sandra,cause we met each other in a pure state….OOOooh ladies keep your pride,make sure it’s safe,it will help you alot in future,men get a better chance in that than you people,,,,,… I Hope am not a cursed child cause now if something bad has been happening to me,then how is my future gonna be like…A cool boy,born with a silver spoon,wise,gentle brilliant,handsome,whose life had just been turned almost vice-versal….After being tricked by sandra,abused by mercy,fraustrated by my parents,Made optionless by Lizzy,i still have the guts to defiled an innocent girl…OOOh Racheal am deeply sorry,plz forgive me…….OOOOooo LORD I NEED YOUR HELP-i wept and prayed……

Prest you have some visitors-my mum said,bringing me back from my spiritual world…ok mum i replied.I stood up walked to the sitting room,when i got their to my greatest surprise i saw sandra and one woman which i guessed to be her mum or aunt sitting with her;

Mum:-**standing up and pointing at me with a furious and curious**young woman did you mean this boy was the one that IMPREGNATED you…..?**
Sandra:-yes ma,**she said in a shaky voice**
I was off guide when i heard this,impreg what!..i felt dizzy when i heard that words,how can i?how would i?everything in the sitting room start revolving around me,the word impregnated stikes my brain like THUNDER mixed with FIRE and BAZZUKKA…..I just honourably shut down my system,gave up the goat(ghost) and sleeps in a tilled floor…..DID YOU STILL WANT ME TO USED THE WORD FAINTED……..??????

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