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My Days In An Undisclosed High School – Season 1 Episode 1


My Days In An Undisclosed High School

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@ 4:30am

ME; yawning yes mum
Mum:aiin’t u going to get dress and go to ur school,u know u shuldn’t start your day in school with a bad record…

ME:i knw mum,jzt 20 more minutes…i dnt wanna get to school and start sleeping now….


Dad,mum am through,i need to start going,i don’t wanna be late,u knw mum jzt said i shuldnt be late to school today….

Dad:yeah i knw…i spoke to ur principal yesternight and he said as soon as u get to school,u shuld come and meet him..OKAY!

Dad:take this *handing two #100 naira notes 2 me…

ME:tnkz Dad i gotta go
On my way to my new school,gloomy in my new uniform,i start thinking about how my first day in school is gonna be…lIttle abt my biography,am from a family of six;both parents,avin 3 elder sistas,we mummies pet are d last born…lol..well am not spoilt…

On getting to school,My opening the gate,i saw all d student gathering dancing…what’s happening,dis is jzt 7:15 looking at my golden wrist watch,haba! normal assembly start by 7:20 at worst nw* i thought*

knee down there,u are late..i heard a feminine voice saying…well it cant be me,am a new student i said to my self and start walking away…
ARE u deaf! I said knee down…. lookin at the side that the voice was coming from i saw a well built,fair in complexion young girl,runnin towards me..i guess she was a prefect..didn’t i ask u to stop-she asked

i dont know u are talking to me naw-i replied
i guess u are a new comer she asked again

yes i replied

this is just a warning,tommorrow if u are late again,i wont take it lightly wit u oooo…okay ma i replied,tryin 2 let her feel bossy..

Stop dat ma of a thing,am sandra..

Okay snr sandra i replied

well i guess there are a lot to knw in this school,but we dnt use snr here,we call anybody by his/her name..

Okay sandra i said,turning to leave, for the gathering…

Hey she called,i turned back, she came forward and said u haven’t tell me your name yet….
HAmmm….my name is leicester i lied…..

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