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How I Cherished My Sister (Romance) [Completed] – Season 1 Episode 8


SO AS I LIE DOWN HERE IN A POOL OF MY OWN BLOOD, WAITING FOR DEATH’S COLD EMBRACE, I COULDN’T HELP BUT ASK THE QUESTION : HOW THE Bleep DID IT COME TO THIS?! (well now you know) I simply should have just killed that pigs wife and lover then leave as I had originally planned to with the money.

But when life ends up breathtakingly bleeped you can generally trace it down to one really bad decision that sent you down the road to poo town, for me it was the day I chose vengeance over justice, took matters into my hands, sought the wrong kind of power, followed the wrong people and finally ended up up here. I hear police sirens, I am drifting in and out of contiousness into darkness , I remembered william’s words : one choice at our most vulnerable and weakest moment that transcends beyond ourselves to changing others huh? , I saw the light, then I slipped into darkness again, I heard voices “there’s nothing we can do for him, he’s gonna die anyway”, darkness again then I woke up … saw a woman, “where am I” I asked her. “Martinsville general Hospital, I am Doctor Badmus, Mr Smith, you don’t have much time, you have lost a lot of blood and we are not able to stop you from bleeding, now I don’t know what happened but your spleen has been cut out, is there any requests you would like to make or any loved one you’d like me to call before… ”

“yes” I replied “is a Vera Amadi registered Here in this hospital?” “yes, she came in a few hours ago, gun shot wound, but she’s okay now, the bullet passed clean through without damaging any vital organs, she has been patched, she’s sleeping and her parents are with her in another ward.” the doctor told me. “Glad to hear that” I said. “did you shoot her?” she asked. “No no no, but I am the reason she got shot, that’s not why am asking about her though … The thing is she’s got a Bleep*d up liver, her father said she’s got 5 months tops, and I don’t want her to die, I’m a uhh universal donor type so I request that you please give her my liver, transplant it to her so she gets to live a long fulfilled life with her parents, something that was denied me” I told her. Then she asked “Who is this girl to you?” the darkness flashed again, I smiled and said “just somebody that taught me how to love and forgive again…. in the forty minutes that I have known her. ” The darkness came again, my eyes was heavy, my whole body was heavy tired, I closed my eyes and then the light came, it expelled the darkness and it was all over.


It’s a short story, there was no need to drag it out for days…

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