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Aunty Clara [Completed] – Season 1 Episode 19


Aunty Clara [Completed] - Season 1 Episode 1

I sat next to Wilma as she required and we
started talking, but I noticed she was restless,
she wanted to do something more than just
talk, she asked me ‘’Do you know my Nick
 and I said ‘’No’’ she said ‘’My friends call my Wili self-servicer, you know why?’’ I smiled and again I said ‘’No’’ she said ‘’It’s Because one of them caught me self- servicing, twice, she then nicknamed me willi
as in Wilma and self-servicer as in wanking
(self-servicing) and since then the name had
come to stay’’ 
she laughed shyly as she said this, i laughed too because I was used to
Wilma’s dirty talk. She complained that her
thighs were itching her, and I should help her
scratch, I did just that, I scratched lightly so i
wouldn’t hurt her, but she ordered me to
scratch harder like I man, I tried doing that,
but each time she exclaimed ‘’A little higher’’,

I went higher up to her inner thighs where her
bum short covered but she still wasn’t
satisfied, I was surprised when Wilma undid
the buttons of her bump shorts leaned on the
chair and raised her butt0ckz to enable her
zip down giving me a peep of her white [email protected],
in the midst of all this she acted as if nothing
was really happening, but at that moment I
knew what she wanted me to do, she wanted
me to Bleep her, and so I played along.

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