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Adventure Of The Snake Ladies +18 [Completed] – Season 2 Episode 6




Mama G appeared inside the room fully fortified and ready for a fight.

Pastor Val: you this foul spirit, what are you doing inside my house?
Mama G: i have come to warn you. You are poke nosing in a case that doesn’t concern you.
Pastor Val: and in what case is that?
Mama G: leave Idris alone?
Pastor Val: and why should i do that?
Mama G: we have already killed him physically, it is bestowed upon us to finish him spiritually. Moreover, you better stay clear from him if you want your life to be safe.
Pastor Val: mere threats, those are just empty words. There is nothing you can do to me because he that is in me is greater then he that is in the whole word.
Mama G: the stubborn fly they say will follow the corpse to the grave.

She said and disappeared.

Pastor val: empty threat. For the word of the lord says “touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm”
just then Judith walked inside the living room.
Judith: what’s the problem that you are saying touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm?
Pastor Val: forget about that thing. Its not something worth talking of. Lets pray before we sleep.

He said and they both prayed before they slept.

Queen: Mama G, how is your progress rate so far.
Mama G: i haven’t strike yet but i went to his house to warn him.
Queen: we don’t have time to waste. The goddess will be angry if our plans were to be futile.

Mama G: ok Queen, what should i do next?
Queen: attack the mother this very night.
Mama G: yes ma..

She said and disappeared.

Mama G appeared infront of my mother’s house but couldn’t go inside.
The whole house was surrounded by angels, cloud and light. She moved from one end to the other but couldn’t enter.

Just then, a voice laughed from behind her. on turning to the direction of the voice, she saw Pastor Val in spirit at her back.

Mama G: what are you doing here?
Pastor Val: i should be the one asking you that?
Mama G: i can see that you don’t like facing your business.
Pastor Val: isn’t it obvious that we are the greater power. Just take a look at this house for example.

He said pointing at my mother’s house.
Pastor val: you have been her for more than fifteen minutes and you can’t enter because of the angels on guard. Why don’t you run to your coven and let the righteous be.

He said and she stretched her hand towards him sending bolt of lightning against him but before the lightning could reach him, an angel stood before him and it backfired hitting mama G with full force that she vanished and appeared in their coven with burns all over her.
Pastor Val: *smiled* no weapon fashion against me shall prosper.
He said and vanished.

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